Adjusting Your Garage Door’s Safety Eyes

A garage door opener uses safety eyes to prevent damage or injury when the door is operated. If something obstructs the path of the invisible beam between the safety eyes as the door is closing, the opener will stop and reverse operation. If the beam isn’t blocked and your garage door is malfunctioning, you may need to adjust the safety eyes.

Here’s how:

    1. Push the wall-control button to open the garage door.
    2. Locate the safety eyes on each side of the garage door opening. The safety eyes mount on the outside of the door tracks toward the floor and are usually black with small green or red LED lights.
    3. Monitor the LED lights on the safety eyes. When one of the eyes is not working, or if there is an alignment problem, the LED lights will not be lit.
    4. Check the connection of the wires to each of the safety eyes. The wire connects on the back of each eye with a slip-in connector. Pull the connector out with your finger, then push it back into each eye. If the LED lights illuminate, the door will operate. If not, more adjustments are necessary.
    5. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the lenses on both safety eyes. Sometimes dirt, dust and debris will obstruct the safety beam.
    6. Bend one of the safety eyes to attempt to realign the beam. Most often, the safety eye has been hit or misaligned itself through normal door use. Grab the safety eye bracket and attempt to bend it slightly until the LED light is lit.

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