1. Commercial Grade Garage Doors for New Jersey Businesses

    Throughout New Jersey, businesses like yours rely on high-quality and heavy-duty commercial grade garage doors. Whether you're managing a hospital or running a retail outlet, providing your company with adequate security and efficiency is critical. TGS Garages and Doors is happy to explore the garage doors we supply to commercial entities throughout the region, taking a closer look at the type and…Read More

  2. Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Door for Your Money

    While installing a high-quality garage door may be expensive, the long-term cost benefits are significant. From the style that enhances your home's exterior to insulation that'll reduce your heating bills, you could save or even make money in the long term. By understanding what you want from the beginning, you'll find a cost-effective solution. At TGS Garage and Doors, our qualified garage door i…Read More

  3. 5 Ways to Boost Garage Door Curb Appeal

    Whether you're getting ready to sell your home or you simply want the satisfaction of a welcoming, well-maintained, appealing exterior every time you arrive home, curb appeal is essential for enhancing the overall aesthetic of your New Jersey property. Landscaping, entry doors, and the home’s exterior are all ways to improve curb appeal. One of the major features that can transform your home's o…Read More

  4. The Ultimate Garage Door Buying Guide

    From style to functionality features, there are many options available to NJ homeowners when it comes to selecting a residential garage door. Choosing one door over the other can impact the overall aesthetic of your home's facade while things such as insulation add to the practicality of your home.  If you’re currently in the market for a new garage door in New Jersey, it's a good idea to take …Read More

  5. The Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

    If you go to great lengths to be as energy efficient as possible, but you're overlooking the impact your home's garage door can have, TGS encourages you to consider the benefits of an insulated garage door. As an area that's lacking in heating and insulation, your garage faces the elements. It goes without saying that garage door insulation is beneficial whether you live in a cold or hot climate…Read More

  6. Garage Door Accents to Customize Your Home

    Homeowners often don't think about the fact that the garage is perhaps the most versatile component of their home. Whether simply used as a space for your vehicles and excess storage or completely renovated to serve as an office space or guest room, it is important to keep it looking and functioning at peak levels. At TGS Garages & Doors, we know that just as any other component of your home, …Read More

  7. Garage Door Safety Tips for Homeowners 

    Safety is important, especially in the home, but garage door safety is often overlooked. It is crucial that you and your family are aware of the dangers so that you can reduce the risk of injury to yourself, or worse, your children.  At TGS, every member of our garage door company is well-educated on garage door safety and we're pleased to offer our insight so that you may secure your home and fa…Read More

  8. Commercial Overhead Door Operators for NJ Businesses

    When it comes to openers for commercial overhead doors, businesses have many of options to choose from. If you aren't sure which style you are looking for, the decision can be overwhelming, which is where a qualified garage door company comes in. For demanding New Jersey businesses, TGS is available to offer insight so that you may select the most appropriate commercial overhead door suited to you…Read More

  9. The Reasons Your Garage Door May Malfunction in Cold Weather

      Seasonal temperature changes can put a lot of strain on your garage door. Blustering winter weather can cause your garage door to malfunction and a garage door that refuses to operate can keep you from staying safe and secure in the comfort of your home. At TGS Garages & Doors, we have the expertise essential for repairing and maintaining your garage door, offing same day repairs and a…Read More

  10. Tips for Selecting the Best Garage Door Style for Your Home

    Choosing a new garage facade isn't always a simple task. Not only is there a much higher need to consider security features and functionality options, but there is also an ever-increasing pressure to "Keep up with the Joneses". But does style really matter? Yes, it does! Garages have become an integral part of a property's aesthetic, so finding the most compatible type of residential garage door …Read More

  11. Convert 2 Garage Doors into 1 – Save $425 (see coupon)

    There’s no doubt that converting two garage doors into one can certainly be an investment, but for many families, it is an investment well worth it. When considering the option of replacing two garage doors with one, it is important to know the advantages so that you can make the most appropriate decision for your lifestyle and budget. The Benefits of a Double Garage Door vs. Two Single Garage D…Read More

  12. Find the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

    There's no denying that installing a new garage door can be a costly investment. Keeping it operating as efficiently and effectively as possible depends on the type of garage door opener that it is coupled with. From chain to belt to direct drive openers, the process of choosing just the right opener can be confusing. Here's a closer look at some of the most common garage door opener options. The …Read More

  13. Garage Door Materials for Residential Homes

    Because garages are becoming a more and more essential part of the home for many NJ residents, more attention is being paid to the style and material of the garage door. Beyond simply existing as a space to contain a vehicle or two, garages are more frequently being used for storage, as a workspace, even as an extra living space. From steel to wood to fiberglass, different garage door materials of…Read More

  14. Tips for Preventing Garage Door Break-Ins

    For more than 70% of homeowners, the garage door is the main entry point to their home. Unfortunately, the same is true for burglars—many attempt to break in via the same access point! Though a scary fact, many homeowners refrain from thinking about the security of their garage door and thus, leave their home and family open to risk. In addition to qualified garage door installation and repair,…Read More

  15. Emergency Garage Door Repair for the Peak of Hurricane Season

    Hurricanes have a penchant for wreaking havoc at a minimum, utter devastation at their worst. The past couple of weeks have proven that! During New Jersey's peak hurricane season, we often see storms that result in power outages. For homeowners who use their garage door as their main entry point to their home, it can be scary to find themselves locked out because their garage doors have been disab…Read More