With the prevalence of severe storms in the area, many New Jersey residents are choosing to have a hurricane-rated garage door instead of a standard style. Installing a wind-resistant, quality garage door offers benefits that go far beyond enhanced security and value. A garage door that can stand up to the worst that nature can throw at it offers peace of mind.

Let’s examine the benefits of installing a hurricane-rated garage door and learn why homeowners across the state are looking ahead to protect their property.

1. Increased Security of the Home
When the Atlantic hurricane season begins every year, homeowners have to brace themselves for the possibility of brutal winds and heavy rains, which can wreak havoc on vulnerable homes. With a hurricane-rated garage door installed, however, 100+ mph winds aren’t going to damage your garage door. This means your home is safe from the financial impact of a broken door. And, it is secure from anyone who would take advantage of potential access to your home from a damaged door.

2. Add Value to Your Home
Another advantage a lot of homeowners don’t realize at first is the increased property value of your home. When you invest in a well-built, professionally installed hurricane-rated door for your garage, you may be able to get back some of your investment when you sell your property. A stormproof garage door is a huge positive for New Jersey homebuyers because of the enhanced security and because it may translate to lower home insurance costs.

3. More Appealing Designs
Because hurricane-rated garage doors are built to withstand even the most destructive Atlantic storms, they are made with premium materials and extra reinforcements. These doors are also available in a variety of styles to appeal to the varying tastes of homeowners. Choose anything from a charming carriage style garage door to a traditional steel door, painted to match your home. At TGS, we’ll walk you through your style options while also checking your home’s unique garage door structural requirements, such as wind velocity and design pressure, to make sure you have the strength and aesthetics you want.


At TGS, our installation professionals spend the time to make sure your garage door installation is perfect before we even get started installing your door. We always take a photo for our overlay technology to show you what different styles of garage doors will look like with your home on an iPad, which we bring to every consultation. By working with a garage door company in NJ that goes the extra mile to ensure you have the right level of storm resistance and the right style, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience both when you have your garage door installed and for years to come.

Contact us today to learn more about the styles and features to choose from when installing a hurricane-rated garage door.