Buying a garage door is a thoroughly complicated task—no doubt, it can be quite daunting to get your head around all of the information needed to make an informed decision. While there are different options available, carriage garage doors remain one of the most popular choices among homeowners—aesthetically, as well as functionally.

Here, we’re discussing all you need to know about the carriage garage door styles available.

What Are Carriage Garage Doors?

While the term may not necessarily ring any bells, you’re certainly familiar with the carriage-style garage door. With its exceptionally wide range of material and finish options, this garage door is a great way to amp up your home’s curb appeal instantly. They can either swing out or up and down, and come in two styles: stamped and overlay.

Stamped Carriage Garage Doors

Much like their name suggests, stamped carriage garage doors are the result of adding stamps (or designs) to a basic steel garage door for decoration purposes. While they may be a lot more economical than overlay ones, they certainly don’t compromise on either looks or functionality—for they come in a selection of different finishes and colors that are sure to suit every home. Generally, stamped carriage garage doors tend to be more durable compared to overlay ones, so if resilience is an important aspect, then you should certainly go for the stamped variety.

Overlay Carriage Garage Doors

On the other hand, overlay carriage garage doors feature wood or steel panels that are placed atop the original door to create an appearance of depth and add a sophisticated finishing touch to the look. More often than not, overlay garage doors have a finish similar to vinyl, which allows for minimal cleaning and maintenance in the long run. You can opt to have your door either painted or stained depending on your preference.

Look No Further Than TGS Garages and Doors

If you’re new to buying garage doors, then a carriage garage door will certainly be the best option for you—and TGS Garages and Doors is always on-hand to assist. As the premier garage door company in NJ, TGS implements a thorough customer-centered system to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. As part of this system, the team at TGS will take a photo of your home and garage during the initial meeting, and then overlay different carriage door styles to help you visualize the end result and make an informed decision.

When you’re looking to buy a carriage garage door, you can trust the team at TGS Garages and Doors to complete the project to your satisfaction. Get in touch with the customer support to arrange your initial meeting!