We have made it through another winter! It may not have been the absolute worst ever, but it was pretty brutal nonetheless. New Jersey saw some of the coldest temps in 30 years, and they were sustained for longer than average too! Throw in twice the normal snowfall and you’ve got a recipe for a miserable winter. Winter can definitely wreck havoc on your garage door systems. The cold weather and moisture can affect even the best and newest garage doors. Now is a great time to do a post winter inspection! If you notice anything amiss, give us a ring so we can help you get it back into like new condition. We provide the best Garage Door Service in New Jersey. Let us show you why we have earned the title of “NJ’s Most Trusted Team for Garage Doors, Openers & Repairs”

With winter behind us it is time to start prepping for Hurricane Season. It is just a fact of life that we have to be on alert from June-November. Proper preparation goes a long way. Ensuring that your garage door is in good order is an important part of being prepared. The garage door is an integral part of protecting your home against high intensity winds. A door that does not seal properly can result in blowouts, damaged doors, and more. If your door is not closing properly and fully let us come out and create a plan of action to get it repaired quickly and affordably. Call us today for your free estimate!