Just like your body, your Garage Door needs some regular care. Garage Doors are a lot like people. Age catches up to us all – Rust can make movement difficult and cold affects us as we get older. Broken springs increase during winter causing some unexpected garage door repair Middlesex NJ

How long a garage door spring will last depends on how often the door is used. For most the magic number is ten thousand. The average garage doors open and close 3-5 times a day, 300+ days a year. Broken springs increase Garage Door Repair Middlesex NJ do to rust. A buildup of rust on your garage door increases coil friction on the moving spring. Combine that with the corrosive damage of the rust itself, and you have everything you need for broken springs or early torsion spring failure.

When the weather gets cold many of us feel it in our bones… we get stiff and move slower. Guess what so does steel. . Garage door maintenance is important so listen carefully for any squeaking noises. This is the sound of hinges that may need to be lubricated. Your garage door hinges will generally need to be lubricated once a year (remember to use silicone). NEVER use WD-40 (it will drip all over your car’s paint job!