When it comes to garage door installation in New Jersey, we don’t just stop when the installation work is done. Our team offers a variety of finishing touches that can help you keep your garage door working longer, or improve the appearance of your garage. Some of our finishing touches can even lower your monthly energy bill! Let’s start by taking a look at two of our most popular finishing touch options.

Garage Door Wraps and Woodwork

Sometimes, it isn’t just your garage door that needs to be replaced. Often, when we replace a garage door it will become apparent that the woodwork around your doors should be replaced as well. Our team specializes in replacing old worn-out exterior wood! We’ll tear the old stuff out and replace it with pressure treated wood that’s ideal for exterior applications. We also offer a “wrap” treatment where the wood around your doors is wrapped in pre-painted aluminum, which is a great way to coordinate the look of your doors, trim, and exterior paint colors.

Appearance Package

Combining the wraps or woodwork options with our appearance package will result in a top-of-the-line look for your garage doors. For the cleanest look for your garage door, we powder coat the hardware of your garage doors with a white finish. This makes everything look clean and fresh, which is the perfect solution if you are using your garage for more than just parking your vehicles.

In our next blog, we’ll talk about finishing options that can increase the life of your door and help you save on replacement costs. If you use your garage door as the main entrance of your home, this is an option you’ll definitely want to look into! In the meantime, if you have questions about garage door installation in New Jersey, feel free to contact us. We’re always ready to get to work on your new door!