Offered in a spectrum of applications that range from retail and commercial to industrial scenarios, security grilles are generally designed to prevent unauthorized access and to discourage forced entry at exterior building openings, storefronts or areas within buildings such as parts counters, pharmacies or cafeterias. Additionally, when these grilles are installed behind plate glass storefronts, they serve as a deterrent to looting which is why we commonly see so many of these overhead roller doors in densely populated cities. Security grilles come in an array of attractive solutions and a variety of color and optional patterns. Our security grilles feature a handsome clear anodized finish (standard), but we also offer a complete line of upward-coiling grilles constructed of aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel with an optional electric motor. Our comprehensive line of security grilles — easy to operate and designed for durability –afford reliability at a competitive price point. We rank among the best of commercial garage door companies and our estimating professionals will carefully evaluate your project to determine the best commercial garage door for your building(s). Count on us to be your valued partner for installation, service and repair for of your commercial garage door needs.