If your commercial building has an overhead door, it’s important to regularly check it for performance. After all, industrial roll up door maintenance is critical for consistent operation, and keeping your door in good shape means you won’t incur any issues that could impact your business. Even if your doors are operating perfectly today, tomorrow may be a different story. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together a quick commercial overhead door inspection checklist to help you get started.

Should you find issues with your overhead door or are looking for a regular maintenance schedule, then you’ll be glad to hear about TGS’ Gold Star Maintenance Program, which offers regular inspections and maintenance for businesses throughout New Jersey.

The Roll Up Door Inspection Checklist: What to Look For

Start the inspection of your commercial overhead door with these areas, which are the most important in ensuring your door keeps working properly. If you choose to inspect yourself, take any safety precaution necessary.

It’s time to get started:

  • Check the alignment of the door
  • Look at rollers and bearings to determine if they are adequately lubricated
  • Test springs and discern if they are securely mounted
  • Examine any hinges and hardware to see if they are loose
  • Assess the operability of cables, drums, and locks
  • Evaluate weatherstripping for wear or damage
  • Appraise the workings of belts, chains, sprockets, and brakes
  • Determine if any parts are no longer working or need to be replaced

These items represent the most common issues that can cause a dysfunction with your system. From this inspection, you’ll be able to create an overhead door maintenance checklist.

Inspections and maintenance are an on-going effort and should be commenced at regular intervals for the longevity of your door.

Why Do You Need a Door Inspection Checklist?

Garage door inspections are critical to the safe operation and longevity of your equipment. Whether you choose to inspect your doors or rely on a trusted professional, a door inspection checklist is essential. It provides a written template of everything that must be checked to ensure your garage door is safe and secure. Following the door inspection checklist will help you (or us!) feel confident that nothing gets overlooked.

Industrial Roll Up Door Maintenance from TGS

The best way to keep your door operating as it should is to partner with the commercial overhead door experts at TGS. We’re proud to be NJ’s trusted source for commercial overhead doors. Our new Gold Star Maintenance program includes the inspection and maintenance of your doors, including lubrication, adjustments, tightening, and replacement of worn parts. We’ll schedule these at your convenience and conduct them several times a year.

TGS offers commercial overhead door installation, inspection, and maintenance for businesses across New Jersey. Connect with us today to ensure the health of your industrial roll up doors.