Garage Door Customization PackagesHomeowners often don’t think about the fact that the garage is perhaps the most versatile component of their home. Whether simply used as a space for your vehicles and excess storage or completely renovated to serve as an office space or guest room, it is important to keep it looking and functioning at peak levels. At TGS Garages & Doors, we know that just as any other component of your home, your garage door should be suited to your unique lifestyle. That is why we are pleased to offer a variety of garage door customization packages for homeowners to take advantage of.

Garage Door Appearance Package

The Appearance Package is one of our most popular customization options and makes your garage look sleek and complete. All of the hardware for your garage door will receive a white powder-coat, protecting it from rust and corrosion over time while also making it look clean and stylish. Your garage will look so amazing that you almost won’t even realize that you aren’t inside the house!

Longevity Package

The Longevity Package includes the hardware upgrades from the Appearance Package described above, as well as a lifetime warranty on all parts and equipment for the original homeowner. We’ll equip your garage door with 25,000-cycle springs, so your garage door will always be operational when you need it, even years down the line.

Laser Parking Device

If you’re like many homeowners, parking your car in your garage can be a bit of a tight fit. With our laser parking device, you’ll never have to worry about pulling in too far or not far enough ever again. A laser beam projects down onto your dashboard, and when it reaches your predetermined marker, you’ll know that you have parked perfectly. It couldn’t be easier!

Ceiling Kits for Garage Door Openers

Our adjustable ceiling mount hides all of the cables and wires used to operate your garage door opener so that they stay out of sight. The black powder-coat finish looks sleek and polished and it may be mounted either horizontally or vertically, depending on your garage space.

Do You Need Garage Accents?

Your garage plays numerous roles in your everyday life. Not only do you use it to store your vehicles in a climate-controlled space, but there’s a good chance you also use it to store things like out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations, and much, much more. You might even opt to use it as a guest room from time to time. Fortunately, garage accents can make all these things much simpler and much more appealing. Some of our most popular garage accents include aesthetic upgrades, laser parking, ceiling kits for mounting garage door openers, and more.

Customize your Garage Door with a Trusted Garage Door Company

Specializing in residential garage door installation and repair, TGS is pleased to offer a variety of garage door accents and maintenance packages to keep your garage looking like new and functioning flawlessly. Our associates are happy to introduce you to our garage door accent kits, including accent windows, and help you choose the most appropriate options to meet your needs and budget. Once installed, we’ll keep up with the ongoing maintenance of your garage door system, helping it perform at its optimal level over the years.

Transform your garage into something all your own with our unique enhancements and upgrades. Contact TGS today to get started!