There are quite a few reasons that you could be shopping around for a new garage door. Unfortunately garage doors do not last forever. A replacement door can be quite pricey and if your door broke unexpectedly, you might not have been prepared to pay for a new garage door. Thankfully TGS Garages & Doors offers garage door installation in New Jersey!

The garage door is typically the largest moving part of any home or commercial location. These doors also get more use than any other door and as such, they tend to break down. Different garage doors are made to different specifications which depend completely on the manufacturer. The higher quality (more expensive) garage doors will last longer than the bargain doors. Regular maintenance will also factor into how long your garage door will last. Most people do not keep up with garage door maintenance which will lead to malfunctions and other issues. Typically a garage door will last +30 years unless there is an impact from an automobile.

Other components of your garage door will also require maintenance to keep them in top shape. The automatic garage door opener, all sensors, and all tracks should be kept clean all year long. Little known fact, you should clean your garage door (inside and out) on a regular basis! You should also repaint or refinish your garage door at the first sign of deterioration. On average an automatic garage door opener can last up to 15 years. Unfortunately the springs of your garage door will not last that long. All springs are constructed in cycles of use, not years. So, the more you use your garage, the sooner your springs will break or need replacing!