As you enjoy the last weeks of summer, your garage door may not be the first thing on your mind. However, now, before the days grow shorter and the temperatures dip lower, is the perfect time to ensure your garage door is functioning properly. After all, there’s nothing worse than being locked out of your garage on a chilly evening due to a small problem that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. As we transition seasons, dedicate some time to checking in on your garage. Open it, close it, and take a close look at its parts. If you notice anything that looks or sounds off, rely on the dedicated team of TGS Garages & Doors. Through our comprehensive garage door maintenance programs, we can help extend the life of your garage door.

A Garage Door Maintenance Checklist to Prepare for Cooler Temperatures

Garage door maintenance can help to increase the longevity of your investment. Use this checklist to review the status of your garage door. Make note of any abnormal sights or sounds and leave them to the repair professionals of TGS Garages & Doors.

Preparing Garage Door for FallAesthetics. Keep your garage door looking pristine by checking the surface for warping, rust, or water damage. Make note of any noticeable details that may require professional assistance.

Weather Sealing. Don’t wait until the first snowfall to realize your weather sealing is cracked. Check now. If it looks brittle or cracked in any spots, you may need a professional to come in and repair it.

Listen In. It’s been a long, hot summer for rollers, roller tracks, hinges, and latches and they may be feeling the heat. Open and close your garage door and make note of any abnormal noises, such as creaking or banging.

Check Roller Brackets and Bolts. Drastic changes in weather and temperate can loosen tight grips. Double check to ensure they are tightened and ready for the cooler weather ahead.

Look Closely for Debris. While maintaining the hardware of your garage door, take some time to ensure the tracks are free of debris, which can build up and lead to sticking.

Professional Garage Door Tune Up from a Dedicated Company

While there are certainly some DIY maintenance tasks that any homeowner can perform, some things are best left to the professionals. If you notice anything out of the ordinary while checking your garage, be sure to contact TGS Garages & Doors. Our qualified team offers years of expertise in:

  • Track Alignment
  • Spring Repair
  • Cable Repair
  • Safety Inspections
  • …and more

Your garage door is part of the investment that is your home. Learn more about our garage door maintenance services, designed to save you from the hassle of emergency repairs down the road. Contact us today!