Garage door spring failure.

Most New Jersey residents don’t worry too much about this common problem until their garage door stops working. Once that time comes, however, it’s all anyone can think about. And it’s one of the reasons the team at TGS Garages & Doors receives so many requests for garage door repair throughout the year. When confronted with garage door spring failure, it’s best to leave the repairs to professionals. Nevertheless, it’s important to identify the causes of this common problem so you can avoid it in the future. Check out the 5 commons reasons for garage door spring failure below.

1. Regular Wear and Tear- Garage door springs aren’t designed to last forever, and most will break after 10,000 to 15,000 uses. On average, this equates to about 15 years, though your timeline could be shorter if you use your garage door more than twice each day. If you do use your garage door frequently, you might want to consider extended-wear springs for your replacement as they can last up to four times as long as standard springs.

2. Invasive Rust- Here in New Jersey, the weather conditions make the region a prime location for rust formation. Moisture in the air interacts with the metal in the springs, causing it to corrode. Over time, that corrosion weakens the structure of the springs, making them more prone to breakage.

3. Incorrect Installation- Properly installing torsion springs requires skill and attention to detail. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they can handle this task themselves, but if the installation isn’t just right, you could be setting yourself up for garage door spring failure in the future. If you aren’t the first owner of your home, a previous owner may have incorrectly installed the springs before you moved in. Stick with a garage door spring company for your replacement needs to prevent this issue.

4. Incorrect Springs- Different styles of garage doors have different torsion spring requirements, and choosing the wrong spring can cause your system to fail. When working with a garage door company in NJ, it is crucial to ensure you choose a reputable, experienced company that will know exactly which springs to use for your specific garage door.

5. Improper Maintenance- Neglecting to maintain your garage door can put added strain on the torsion springs, causing them to wear out faster than usual. Take the time to lubricate the tracks alongside the door, as well as the motor chain. Check the alignment and balance of the tracks regularly, too. Finally, keep everything as clean as possible so the door can operate smoothly, minimizing the stress on the springs.

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