This winter was brutal on residents for garage door repair Monmouth County NJ with record low temperatures and below freezing weather.   The winter is often the time when garage doors fail and especially the springs and this winter was so bad that the number of spring replacements went through the roof.  Luckily the size of our warehouse enables us to keep our trucks fully stocked for same day repairs or many Monmouth NJ residents would be without use of their garage door for days.

It is important to know that springs can be very dangerous and also specific to your door; we always recommend a professionally trained, if not certified, garage door technician or installer to properly assess what is needed.  Let a garage door expert keep you family safe and your home secure.

Most home owners don’t realize that springs can be like car tires in that when you repair one it is often best to take care of the other.  In addition, did you know that springs are not one size fit all? They come in many different sizes.   The right garage door spring for your home has to do with the size of your door and the weight of your garage door which can be impacted by several things including the garage door material and whether it has windows.   Broken extension spring Garage door repair Monmouth NJ had a higher increase for garage door failure over the previous year than torsion springs.   Looking forward to the beautiful spring weather and installing new garage doors verses repairing garage doors that are failing.