The garage doors on a commercial building tend to be the life line of the business. Deliveries and shipments of goods enter and exit these doors multiple times per hour and most days of the week. The excessive use of a commercial garage door can lead to a mechanical failure or a complete breakdown. TGS Garages & Doors offer garage door repair in New Jersey to both commercial and residential clients.

A commercial garage door could break down from overuse, faulty mechanisms, or even from an impact. All business owners are looking to get their company running at peak speed and efficiency. A broken or malfunctioning commercial garage door can cost your company more than just time. When shipments cannot go in or out your company will lose revenue. Every minute that a commercial garage door is out of service more money is lost and deliveries are halted. For any company it is important to have your garage doors fixed in a quick and efficient manner.

A commercial garage door gets far more use than a residential garage door. They typically are used 365 days per year and almost around the clock. With such a high rate of use the mechanisms are bound to wear out or break down. Commercial garage door spring are not constructed to last for a certain amount of time. They are constructed to withstand a certain amount of use, or cycles. The more use, the faster the breakdown. Springs should never be repaired by an individual with no experience. TGS Garages & Doors offers 24 hour emergency garage door repair in New Jersey. No matter what time of day your garage door breaks down, you can be up and running in no time.