Garages now serve multiple functions. No longer just a place for parking the car or storing your holiday decorations, garages are more and more frequently being transformed into an office. If you need more room and you don’t necessarily have any other purpose for your garage, you may consider converting your garage to an office space. If you think this may be the next best move for your home, we invite you to consult with the garage door professionals of TGS Garages and Doors. We’ll help you choose the right residential garage door to fit your renovation.

The Garage to Office Conversion: Considerations

Transitioning your garage into an office space isn’t as simple as just putting a desk and bookshelf out there. It’s best to start with as blank a canvas as possible. First, you’ll want to take an inventory of what’s currently in your garage and see what can go. Have a yard sale or donate items you no longer want. Then, assess the functionality of your garage door. Your space is going from uninhabited to inhabited, meaning you need to know which garage door style and opener offer the best solution. Consider features and upgrades such as…

  • Insulation. Many garages serve as an addition to the home, meaning it may not be as insulated as the rest of your home. A garage door with insulation will help to mitigate the frigid temperatures of winter while keeping the space cool in the summer, making for an office space that is comfortable.
  • Noise-Control. There’s no denying that a garage door and opener can be noisy pieces of equipment. Look for hardware that supports noise reduction or offers the least disruption. A reputable company can assist in selecting just the right parts.

Converting your garage to an office can be a great DIY project–on the inside. When it comes to interior design and furniture, get creative and take on these components yourself.  However, when it’s time for garage door installation, rely on the professionals of TGS.  Installing a garage door requires hard labor and can be dangerous to those without training or experience. It’s best to leave that to the experts!

Start Your Garage to Office Conversion Today with TGS

We’re here to help you create a new space in your home. From garage to office, this added square footage can solve your space limitations. If you opt for a new garage door, you can choose from classic raised panels, carriage house stamped or overlay, and recessed or flat panel. We’ll help you find the design and fit that will work well in any application.

As a leading NJ residential garage door provider, TGS helps homeowners all across the state with quality products and expert installation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your garage conversion.