Your overhead door represents the biggest moving part of your home. From the door itself to the torsion springs, there are a lot of moving components that are vital for proper operations. When something goes wrong, the risk and inconvenience can both by high. TGS Garages & Doors is here to provide top-notch garage door repairs to New Jersey residents. Our garage door services are available to Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and more. The TGS team has excelled in the industry for two decades, and we’re ready to show you how! Today, we’ll continue off of last week’s topic which looked into a few common causes behind torsion spring failures. Additionally, we’re offering basic solutions to give homeowners in the Garden State the information needed to make informed decisions. When something goes awry and you’re in need of assistance from the best overhead door company, be sure to contact TGS!

Incorrect Installation

Homeowners who hope to take on torsion spring replacement themselves may be facing a higher risk than they realize. Beyond the dangers to both person and property, improperly installing the springs can lead to further risks for failure. Another problem occurs when thrifty DIYers only replace one spring, creating a major imbalance in your garage door opener. This imbalance can result in premature failure of one or both springs, negating any savings that the homeowner was hoping to achieve. As always, we recommend reaching out to a professional for garage door opener repairs whenever the torsion springs need servicing.

Incorrect Springs

Another issue occurs when the wrong torsion springs are used. Each garage door holds their own unique requirements in terms of weight and balance. As such, torsion springs are engineered individually to exactly match the garage door they were built for. If you install a spring with an incorrect length or wire size, the results can be disastrous. Simply put, installing the wrong springs can equate to an impending failure sometime in the future.

Improper Maintenance

Taking the proper steps to keep all of your garage door parts operating efficiently will pay off big during the lifespan of your overhead door. Regularly inspecting your garage door components is the first step in keeping it maintained. If the door is off balance or the tracks are out of alignment, the end result will be premature wear and tear, which can result in failure. Be sure to check the tracks, springs, wheels, and so on. Every piece that is impaired, whether through damages or excessive dirt and grime, will end up putting more stress on the torsion springs. Introducing lubrication to your springs and other moving parts that recommend such actions is ideal for reducing friction and fighting against rust. When additional maintenance assistance is needed, our overhead door company is here to help!

Your torsion springs take the brunt of heavy lifting to get the garage door moving in its daily operations. When things go wrong with these parts, the results can be very negative. TGS Garages & Doors is here to perform the best garage door repairs in New Jersey. From Monmouth to Middlesex County, our garage door services aim to provide a comprehensive approach to keeping your overhead door system healthy and your wallet happy. Contact us today to see what we can do for your home!