Seasonal temperature changes can put a lot of strain on your garage door. Blustering winter weather can cause your garage door to malfunction and a garage door that refuses to operate can keep you from staying safe and secure in the comfort of your home. At TGS Garages & Doors, we have the expertise essential for repairing and maintaining your garage door, offing same day repairs and a consultative approach to our services. As a premier garage door company in New Jersey, we’re pleased to offer insight into why your garage door may be malfunctioning this year. No matter the cause, we’re just a phone call away from assistance.

Causes of Garage Door Problems in the Winter

Metal Contraction

The bitter Northeast winter can cause metal to contract and the door to seize up. You may be able to ease the effects by adding additional oil to the torsion ball bearings, springs and screw drive. Be sure to keep the oil away from the tracks, as the oil can thicken in the cold.

Thickened Grease

The grease used to keep your door lubricated may have thickened because of the cold temperatures. Thickened grease can make the door difficult to move, or the door may not travel smoothly. If your thickened grease problem is extensive, the vertical tracks and rollers may need to be replaced–a task you should rely on the experts for.

A Frozen Door

When your door opener sounds like it’s working, but the door will not move, your door could be frozen to your garage floor.  Keeping the area clear of ice and snow can help.

Broken Gears or Travelers

When the garage door sounds like it is traveling, but the door does not move, you could have broken gears or a broken traveler. Depending on your garage door brand, the internal gears are most often to blame. This problem is typically caused by a door that is frozen to the floor, but can also be caused by wear.  For a broken gear or traveler, your garage door will need professional care.

Broken Springs

Many garage door openers utilize a spring system to balance the weight of the door. These springs eventually wear and break, most often during the colder months. Replacing the springs in the garage door system is a task that should be left to a qualified technician, as it can be an incredibly dangerous on your own.

Warped Tracks

Almost anything that moves will wear over time.  Simple wear and changes in the weather can all cause your door tracks to warp. Warped tracks should only be replaced by a qualified repair professional.

Avoiding Garage Door Opener Problems in Cold Weather

By far, the best way to deal with garage door opener problems in cold weather involves preventing them in the first place. TGS Garages and Doors advocates annual garage door maintenance for this very reason. Each year, we will inspect your garage door and door opener system to ensure every component looks and operates exactly as it should. By providing the metal is in good condition, the lubrication is plenty thick, and the weather sealing on the doors is in good condition, you can avoid most of the garage door opener problems in cold weather before they even happen.

Professional Garage Door Service From a Dedicated NJ Company

Garage doors are heavy and often difficult to handle. For the safety and protection of your family, you should always have your garage door system repaired and maintained by a qualified professional. Boasting decades of experience in garage door repair and installation, TGS Garages and Door serves as your go-to for garage door repair.

Contact us today to discuss any issues you may be experiencing with your garage door or opener – we’re happy to assist!