Planning a family getaway in celebration of the holidays?

Great! You deserve it. Just remember, however, that before you leave, you take the proper steps to ensure the safety of your home. More specifically, the team at TGS Garages & Doors recommends that you pay special attention to securing your garage door. One of the most effective ways to do this is to invest a garage door vacation lock.

What Is A Garage Door Vacation Lock?

The garage door vacation lock feature is a convenient safety feature located on garage door openers. It allows homeowners to initiate “vacation lock out mode,” which turns off the radio receiver for those times your home must be left without supervision.

Many New Jersey homeowners have yet to upgrade their residential garage doors to include this feature, and is something that should not be overlooked! Vacation mode is a setting on your operator that may be depicted with a lock symbol or the words “LOCK OUT” or “VACATION MODE” on your LED. The button or setting is designed so you can disable the unit—as well as some other essential functions of the system—during the time you will be away from your home. Once activated, your garage door can only be activated through the control panel.

Additional Safety Tips To Ensure The Safety of Your Garage Door

The garage door vacation lock feature isn’t the only feature that can protect your garage door while you’re away on vacation.  In the event that you don’t have the garage door vacation lock feature available, here are a few other suggestions that will secure your home while you’re away.

Ask Your Neighbors To Check On Your Home. Yes, this tip seems obvious, but the importance of having your neighbors check on your home cannot be underestimated. Make sure you tell them to keep an eye on your garage door specifically and determine whether or not anything has been tampered with.

Add additional locks. Using an additional bolt system or padlock will prevent burglars from activating the the emergency release of your garage door to gain entry. In addition to providing extra security, the mere sight of these locks will deter anyone from attempting to break into your home.

Install a security camera. Garage security cameras are another effective way to protect your home while you’re away on vacation. In addition to scaring off potential burglars, these cameras are often accessible on smartphones so you can monitor everything while you’re away.

Contact A Trusted Garage Door Company To Help Secure Your Home While You’re Away

If you’re taking steps to ensure your home is secure before you leave for vacation, you’ll want to make ensure your garage door is not a potential weak point. That is where the team at TGS Garages & Doors can help! As one of the premier garage door companies serving NJ residents, we are committed to providing a friendly and professional service to upgrade your garage door opener to increase the security of your home.

Contact TGS Garages & Doors to schedule a consultation with our team of experts. From inspecting the security of your garage door and opener to installing hardware that will further provide a peace of mind, we look forward to offering our expertise.