Individuals who work from home are often viewed as the envy of the bunch; nevertheless, this seemingly beneficial perk can be anything but convenient without the existence of an at-home office environment in which you can be productive. That is why many New Jersey homeowners opt to build an office in their garage.

Providing plenty of space and isolation from the rest of a residence, building an office within your garage is an ideal solution for “work-from-home professionals.”   If you think this may be the next best move for your home, we invite you to consult with the garage door professionals of TGS Garages and Doors. Let’s take a look at some of the most common concerns to account for when building an office in your garage.

Tips To Consider When Building An Office In Your Garage

  • Insulation- Your garage is not likely as well insulated as your home. This can pose a problem in both hot and cold weather extremes. It’s wise to look at your garage’s insulation, so you’re not losing HVAC energy to the outdoors, which is expensive and environmentally unfriendly. As well as insulating your garage walls, one of the best ways to add insulation is through an insulated garage door. Nowadays, you can purchase both wood and steel doors with excellent insulation to cut down on the thermal loss.


  • Noise Control- It goes without saying that a noisy garage can impede the productivity of your office environment. Ensure your garage door runs smoothly and quietly as possible by maintaining it properly, or purchasing a new one if necessary. Furthermore, think about reducing echo with fabrics, such as carpeting on the floor (which will also help with insulation), and sound-absorbing wall materials if your garage walls are not finished.


  • Light and Ventilation- Do not underestimate the value of an office with proper lighting and ventilation. We recommend purchasing a lamp with fluorescent light and leveraging the advantages of natural light as well. In the event that your garage lacks windows, we suggest purchasing a door with large panes that allow sunlight to enter. Otherwise, consider adding a conventional window in one of your walls, which will help with both light and air flow.


  • Storage- If you have traditionally used your garage for storage, you may have to figure out alternatives once you move your office there. Take a look at any storage related to your new office, and make sure you will have enough room for office supplies, files, and the like. Buying wicker, resin, or canvas storage containers will help dampen any noise that increases echo.


  • Electrical and communications systems- Depending on the age of your garage, it may or may not be wired for today’s electronics. Take a walk around your new office space to make sure you have enough outlets and that they meet the needs of your specific work. Another issue that may crop up is your Internet signal, especially if your modem is on the other side of your home. If necessary, invest in a second Internet system solely for your new office. You may also wish to run a telephone landline to your garage.

Contact The Team At TGS Garages & Doors For Assistance When Building An Office In Your Garage

You’re sure to have more questions about how to build an office in your garage once you get underway with your project. The team at TGS Garages and Doors will be happy to advise you. When you’re ready for new components, we carry premier brands, like the latest garage doors, to make your new office everything you hoped it would be and more.

Want to learn more about the proper way to build an office in your garage? Contact a member of our team! Every member of our staff is knoweldgeable and willing to advise you on the best way to build an office in your garage.