garage door securityThere are many factors to consider when it comes to your garage doors. Garage doors increase your home’s value – providing you with an ROI (return on investment) of over 90%. They are an essential part of any home’s curb appeal – garage doors take up about 30% of your home’s facade. Garage doors are also the largest moving part of your home and many homeowners now use the garage door as their main point of entry.

But what about garage door security? Your garage is used to store your tools, cars, and other valuables, and it has a direct entry into your home! And with home break ins occuring once every 15 seconds (2012, FBI Crime Report, National Burglar & Fire Arm Association), understanding what makes your garage door secure and adding additional security measures is an essential step in securing your home. Wondering what you can do to make your garage door more secure? Take a look at our checklist below:

Garage Door Break In Prevention


  • Keep your remote in the house OR make sure your car is locked: An unsecured car is a easy target for thieves. If you have a remote, make sure you you take it inside with you. If your car is programmed to your motor, make sure you always lock your vehicle. 
  • Change your keypad code frequently: If you have a keypad outside of your garage door, we suggest that you change the code frequently so as not to wear down the button and give any hint of your code. 
  • Rolling code technology: Today’s garage door openers have advanced security features, such as rolling code technology. With rolling code, the transmitter on your motor changes after every single use of the garage door opener – meaning that there are 1 million possible code combinations.

While You’re Away From Home


  • Control your garage door with an app on your smartphone: With LiftMaster’s myQ® technology you can open, close and monitor your garage door from the palm of your hand! myQ® comes standard on LiftMaster’s new garage door openers or you can install a Smart Hub to make any motor from 1993 or later myQ® capable. Even better? LiftMaster has partnered with various other home automation platforms such as NEST, Honeywell, and so you can control your home’s security right from one app! Take a look at last month’s blog post to learn more. 
  • Door Timers and Vacation Locks: Many new motors have additional safety features, such as automatic door timers and vacation locks. Door timers will make your door close after being open or inactive for a certain amount of time. Vacation lock allows you to disable your remotes and keypads with a click on a button.

Secure Garage Door Styles and Options

  • Choose a garage door WITHOUT windows: Windows allow burglars to see into your garage and peep at all of your valuables stored within. Glass is also easy to break – giving them an easy way to access your garage. 
  • Choose a heavier garage door, or one with insulation: Think about it – a flimsy or hollow door makes it easier for someone to kick in or physically break down the door. Get a heavier or insulated garage door to make this a difficult feat to accomplish.
  • Secure the emergency release: You know that red cord that hangs down from your motor? When pulled, this cord allows you to disengage your motor and open the garage door manually. Newer motors manufacture these cords out of the reach of potential thieves, but many older motors do not take this into consideration. If you have an older motor, make sure you secure this cord to the body of your opener with zip ties so it cannot be reached with a wire hook.

Simple Prevention Methods

  • Lock your garage door: Did you know you can lock your garage door, just like you lock your front entry door? Garage doors have multiple lock types that allow you added security. Barlocks allow you to secure your garage with a key from the outside of your garage. Slide Locks allow you to lock your door from the inside by sliding a metal pin into the track. Electronic locks pair with your motor, so that when you open the door, the motor tells the lock to release before opening and engage after closing. However, keep in mind that if a barlock or slide lock in engaged and you open your door, you will cause damage to the panels and motor.


  • Perform routine garage door maintenance: A rusty garage door and parts make a flimsy garage door. When you perform routine maintenance and keep up to date with needed repairs, you strengthen your entire garage door system.


Count on TGS Garages & Doors for all your garage door security needs

If your taking steps to improve your home’s security, understanding your garage door’s security features and how to use them is a must. That is where the team at TGS Garages & Doors can help! As one of the premier garage door companies serving NJ residents, we are committed to providing a friendly and professional service to upgrade your current garage door or replace it with a more secure system.

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