Garage door repair in New Jersey tends to see a lot of garage door malfunctions based around spring issues. Garage door torsion and extension springs are the most dangerous aspectsof your garage door. They can cause very serious bodily harm if handled incorrectly. Most garage door professionals will strongly suggest that homeowners hire a professional if they are facing spring-related garage door issues.

Residential garage door springs come in two different types; torsion springs and extension springs. These springs are tightly wound which increases the tension. They were created this way to help lift and lower your garage door in a fluid and controlled motion. Each torsion spring is created to withstand about 8,000 cycles. A cycle is the complete opening and closing of your garage door. This means that inevitably these torsion springs will fail over the course of a few years. When any spring on your garage door breaks, the door will not go up or down. Professional garage door repair services are needed.

Extension springs are slightly different than torsion springs. These springs run along the tracks of your garage door. When one of these extension springs breaks down, the garage door will look uneven. Usually only one of these extension springs breaks at a time. These springs typically last longer than the torsion springs, but will need to be replaced every 15,000 cycles. The professionals at TGS Garages & Doors strongly recommend that both extension springs be replaced at the same time.

Due to the risks associated with garage door springs, hire a professional garage door repair service in New Jersey. TGS Garages & Doors has been consistently ranked one of the best garage door companies in the area. Our professional and expert staff can handle any garage door job thrown our way. Your garage door will be up and running in no time!