In most homes the garage door gets more use than any other entrance point . Due to the frequency of use, it tends to break down more often. Most people have experienced a garage door malfunction and they usually happen at the absolute worst time. Late for work? Your garage door will definitely malfunction. Thankfully you can hire a company for all of your garage door repair in New Jersey needs.

The most common garage door malfunction that you may run into is the inability to open or close. Somewhere along the track, the door is stuck. On the other hand, the garage door may not even move when you press the automatic button. Most of the time the batteries in your automatic opener need to be replaced. If that isn’t the case, then you are probably looking at a fogged up sensor. If neither of these is the problem, your tracks may have warped. Different weather conditions can cause the metal track to contract and expand which may throw off the motion of the garage door. When a warped track is the culprit, call a garage door repair company in New Jersey.

The second most common garage door malfunction is an uneven, or shaky, opening and closing. The door should rise and lower in a smooth and steady motion, if this is not the case, check the tracks. There may be debris on the track that is causing the abnormal motion. If there is no debris, check the springs. Be aware that garage door springs are highly dangerous. Do not try to fix these on your own. All springs should be the same size and should stretch evenly If you see a broken or cracked spring, call the professionals TGS Garages & Doors.