As garage door safety month approaches, our overhead door company is working tirelessly to provide optimal garage door repairs to our New Jersey customers. Our trained technicians excel in providing garage door parts and solutions for any and all issues affecting your garage door. When your garage door is not operating correctly, the consequences can be very serious. Because of this, TGS Garages & Doors works diligently to keep everyone as safe as possible. No matter what you use your overhead door for, safety should be the top priority at all times. Today, we’ll look at a few of the many safety tips that you as the homeowner can utilize to ensure that your garage is as safe as possible. While modern advances have overhead doors safer than ever, there are still hazards to be wary of. If you need garage door repairs in Middlesex County and beyond, let TGS take a look!

Keeping Extremities Safe

One issue that hundreds of Americans deal with annually is being trapped by moving equipment. While not a common problem, one lapse in attention can lead to disaster. Your garage door utilizes a sensor to keep the door from coming down on you, but the rollers traveling up and down the tracks are unsupervised. As such, people have gotten their fingers trapped in the tracks, sometimes leading to severe injury and, in extreme cases, even amputation. Anytime your garage door is in motion, make sure that you and others are well clear of the rollers.

Racing the Door

Everyone’s done it. You need to run out of your garage door before it closes, all while jumping over that nifty safety sensor at the bottom of each side of the frame. This maneuver happens often and sometimes results in injury. Over a hundred Americans are injured every year from trying to get under the door before it closes. While your door’s sensors work to optimize safety, injuries still happen. In one scenario, you may make it to the end of your garage with feet to spare. As you hop over the sensor, that incoming garage door catches your head or back. This can be enough to be injurious to both you and your overhead door. Racing the door simply isn’t worth it! TGS recommends using an alternate route if you can, or consider buying a remote garage door opener to allow for exterior closing capabilities.

Playtime Concerns

Children are always looking for fun ways to entertain themselves, and unfortunately, this makes your modern garage door a target for activities. Often times, kids will ride the door as it raises for amusement. Unfortunately, the safety features in your overhead door will not be able to freeze operations, creating a falling or crushing hazard for children. To avoid this, we recommend talking to your children and making sure that they know to stay far away from the garage door. Educating them about the hazards can help to reduce the likelihood that any minors will sustain an injury in the future.

Spring Dangers

The springs that help to raise and lower your garage door are under a lot of tension and should not be tampered with. More than 300 people are injured by their garage door’s springs on a yearly basis, making this one component a major contributor to garage door hazards. People performing DIY repairs often either suffer from getting their fingers stuck in the springs themselves or by being struck inside the garage in the event that the spring releases from the frame. When in doubt, call for help!

While your modern garage door features the best in terms of safety, there are still risks inherent to the operation of your door. When you’re in need of garage door services, it is often best to contact the professionals for assistance. Performing your own repairs can be highly risky for you and anyone involved and could lead to costly disasters or ghastly injuries. Next time, we’ll discuss a few more tips that can help you optimize the safety of your overhead door system. TGS Garages & Doors is your source for any and all garage door repairs in New Jersey. We serve ten regions with our garage door services, including Monmouth County and Middlesex County. If you are in need of accessories or repairs for your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment!