For many Americans, the garage door represents convenience and security. Most of these citizens enjoy this modern luxury on a daily basis with little concern for any hazards. If treated improperly, your home’s overhead door system can be the source of multiple injury risks. Last time, we looked at a few safety tips for your garage door that can help to reduce the likelihood of you or your guests and loved ones sustaining harm. Today, we’ll continue this subject with more tips that may help you stay safe in the garage. One major way to ensure equipment safety is to contact your local overhead door company for maintenance assistance and repairs. TGS Garages & Doors is your source for quality garage door repairs in New Jersey. Our experienced technicians provide a wide range of garage door services to Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and beyond. We aim to set the industry standard for service excellence and ultimate customer satisfaction. No matter what is happening with your overhead door system, we’re here to help, from garage door installations to safety blogs!

Broken Glass

Many of the modern garage doors we install these days come with windows to allow in light while creating an aesthetically- pleasing finish. Unfortunately, more than 300 people are injured annually by the glass from their garage door. There isn’t much that can be done to protect your glass from breaking, but taking steps to clean it up safely can help to minimize risk. Make sure to clean up any broken glass you find in an expeditious manner. Sweep up the area fully and double-check your work in case any shards escaped your grasp. Often times, homeowners will be too focused on other subjects to worry about grounded glass, creating a hazard for others. Sweep it up, and make sure to do so carefully!

Improper Door Conditions

Anytime your door isn’t operating correctly, the risk of injury arises. There is a select group of reasons behind why you’ll be needing garage door repairs for your New Jersey home. If the door is not opening correctly, many homeowners will attempt to “force a fix.” Unfortunately, many Americans are hurt every year doing this. Additionally, if any safety equipment is faulty, you are at risk of receiving harm. This is most obvious when an issue occurs with the safety sensor. If a malfunction develops, there may be no safety to protect you from being crushed or dealing serious damage to the property. In any case, contacting your professional overhead door company is the best bet to keeping everything as safe as possible.

Panel Pinching

When your garage door rises and begins to fold up, the joints between panels create a very hazardous situation for your fingers. Unfortunately, over 7,000 injuries are reported annually for this injury, making crushes and pinches from door sections a very common problem. A general practice you can get in the habit of is keeping your extremities away from any door joints at all times. Be sure to guide any children in the house in this practice as well, as children are often the victims of pinch and crush injuries.

Falling Doors

One of the most serious risks of not maintaining your garage door system comes from falling hazards. If left unchecked for too long, your overhead door may fail during operation and drop. This occurs a couple thousand times annually, hurting people and damaging cars in the process. Homeowners can avoid this by proactively checking and maintaining their garage door openers. Annual inspections can help to catch minor problems before they deteriorate into more dangerous, costly problems. Check to ensure that all screws and bolts are tight and that rollers, tracks, and hinges are all healthy. If something is amiss, contacting the professionals for garage door opener repairs is highly recommended.

Your overhead door system is built to provide years and years of faithful service. When something goes awry, it is often vital to seek help for repairs in a timely manner. Otherwise, you, your family, and your property can be at risk for injury from multiple hazards. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful in keeping your home safe. For any concerns, TGS is here to help! We strive to offer optimal garage door repairs to New Jersey homes. Our trained team is here and ready to provide garage door services to Middletown, Hazlet, and the surrounding areas. If your home’s garage door is looking a little worse for the wear, feel free to contact us today for an inspection!