Your home’s garage door happens to be the largest entrance into the home and is oftentimes the least secure. Many Americans overlook the security of this large moving device, often overestimating its protective abilities against criminals. This can be even more true for homeowners who go on vacation. Other times, faulty equipment can be blamed for not being a strong enough deterrent to prevent theft. As a provider of top-notch garage door repairs for New Jersey residences and businesses, our overhead door company aims to do everything possible to make your home or company as safe and secure as possible. TGS Garages & Doors was founded to provide quality garage door services to Monmouth and Middlesex County residents in a reliable, professional manner. No matter what garage door parts and repairs you need, our experienced team will be able to help. Today, we’ll look at a few security tips that may help to protect you and your home or business. In any scenario, common sense should be your top defense!

Unplugging On Vacation

While this phrase is typically ideal for resting and relaxing, one of the best ways you can secure your garage when absent for any stretch of time is by simply unplug your garage door opener. This will be very useful in defending against any would-be intruders that are trying to gain access with a hacked code or stolen door opener. As an added measure, many security professionals recommend bolting the garage door shut, whether from a padlock on a hinge or a simple bolt that slides into the track. Utilizing one of these two simple tools can help to make life much harder on any individual trying to gain access to your home. Securing your door to prevent any movement will help against craftier crooks who have taken to fishing as means for entry.

Defending Against Fishing

The red cord hanging from your garage door opener’s box is known as an emergency release. More and more, thieves are utilizing wire, fishing line, or anything else with a hook that can grasp this handle and release your door, allowing for easy access. Some homeowners will place a piece of wood in front of the release handle to effectively shield it from invasive attempts. Others have been known to use zip ties to keep the release lever in place in the event someone is tugging on it with a string. As we stated earlier, securing the door with a padlock or bolt system will be helpful in ensuring that your garage cannot be opened from the outside.

Closed Door Assurances

One common issue that occurs daily across this great nation is the act of residents simply forgetting to close their garage doors before they leave for the day. This happens often and creates a clear invitation for burglars looking for an easy target. If you are in this group, there are a couple of actions that can help to keep your home safe. One simple tip is to purchase a garage door monitor, which is a relatively cheap (20-40 dollar) device that tells you when your door is open and closed. This can be placed in your home to give you a quick answer as to whether or not everything is secure. Newer devices can also transmit data to your smartphone, allowing you to check up on the garage while you are out elsewhere in the world.

Another handy device that can assist in security is an automatic garage door closer. Essentially, homeowners buy a door closer and install it into your opening system. Installation is relatively simple and puts your overhead door system on a timer to ensure that it closes automatically. This way, your garage door will close even if you have already left.

When it comes to your home’s overhead door system, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken care of to ensure optimal security. This practice can pay off big, especially if you are planning on leaving for a vacation. Next time, we’ll look at a few more tips to keep your garage safe and secure. Utilizing the proper garage door accessories for your Monmouth County home or business is a smart investment, and one that our overhead door company can help with. TGS is proud to provide quality garage door repairs to much of New Jersey. Our services are crafted and honed to make you smile. Contact us now if you are looking for garage door parts and services to keep your home safe!