Your garage door is a silent sentinel that protects against invaders and the elements. Utilizing a large piece of moving metal can bring inherent risks for mechanical failures. As such, it can fall on you as the homeowner to be responsible for any and all garage door services that will result from poor equipment conditions. When you need garage door repairs for your New Jersey home, we can help! TGS Garages & Doors proudly serves ten counties, offering garage repairs from Middlesex to Monmouth County. While our expert garage door opener repairs offer Marlboro Township and New Brunswick residents alike the best in the industry, we understand that you would rather avoid breakdowns altogether. One way to accomplish this is to take on the basic repairs yourself while also keeping an eye on the overall condition of your equipment. When something serious does go awry, TGS is here to help!

Alert Attitudes

The simplest (and cheapest) way to keep tabs on your Middletown garage door is by simply looking and listening for issues. You, as the crafty homeowner, can open and close the unit and watch for any issues that stand out. Is everything operating smoothly? Are there any grinding or squealing noises? If the door does not close quietly, or the door is not fully level and symmetrical, services may be needed. Our garage door inspections offer Edison residents and beyond a full scope of the issues and the most effective and affordable way to rectify those problems. Many garage door systems will develop issues over time, slowly weakening and worsening until a major event occurs. If you can catch a problem early, the results will often be much more favorable. TGS Garages & Doors recommends getting into the habit of checking your overhead door, maybe as a monthly task. Being aware and alert can prove to the best task in protecting against damages and unnecessary garage door repairs.

Tightening Tactics

The act of opening and closing your garage door creates a lot of vibration and wear on parts and pieces that are only as strong as their overall assembly. From roller brackets to hinges and bearing plates, your overhead door system is full of nuts and bolts that keep everything sturdy. One simple task you can take on for yourself is to arm yourself with a socket wrench and get to work tightening up any pieces that have worked themselves loose over time. You can start at the top and work your way down, inspecting and manually tightening every bolt that looks out of place. If you get into a piece of equipment that looks complicated or may be dealing with additional problems, it’d be best to contact your Middlesex County garage door repair experts today!

Brevity of Balance

Your local overhead door company will tell you that balance is a key part of any garage door system. A door that is unbalanced will put unnecessary strain on the components, accelerating the wear and tear of your system. If left untouched, your garage door may close quickly during operation, creating a hazardous environment for everyone involved. To start, pull the red cord that sits below your power unit. This will release the locks and allow you to manually lift up the door. Be sure to move the door up and down until you find the balance point, where the garage remains suspended without assistance. If this point is higher than four feet or less than three feet off of the ground, balancing will need to occur to rectify the issue.

From here, you will need to brace the door open with a ladder to prevent closures while you are working on the system. The basics of garage door balancing require you to add or release tension on the spring that keeps everything level on your track hanger. Make sure that there is no tension in the spring before starting! If your door was shutting very fast, we recommend hooking the spring to the next higher hole on the brackets. Conversely, doors that snap open quickly are under too much tension and should therefore be moved to the next lower hole on the bracket. Be sure to change both sides of the tension spring equally and reset everything to run a test. If more adjustments are needed, you can lengthen or shorten the lifting cable to restore balance. As always, we recommend calling the pros!

Over time, numerous issues can arise with your overhead door system. Proactively inspecting and maintaining this equipment over the years can help to minimize repair costs while promoting optimal safety. If something does break in your Edison home, our garage door repair experts can help! TGS Garages & Doors is proud to provide the top garage door repairs in New Jersey, placing a high focus on exceeding our customers’ high expectations. Next time, we’ll look at a few more tasks you can undertake to better maintain your garage door parts. If you are in need of help, contact TGS today for top-quality service!