Garage doors repairs were on the rise this December through February.  With the extremely cold weather there were more garage door failures than normal.  There was everything from broken torsion springs and extension springs to safety eyes that needed adjustment.  There was even an increase in the number of remotes and transmitters that needed new batteries.

While we pride ourselves on providing do it yourself tips on our website, when it comes to changing broken springs or trying to diagnose the technical issues that result from extreme changes in weather you really need a garage door repair specialist.   Garage door Repair Monmouth NJ was comparable to the number of garage door repair tickets that came from bordering counties.

There are many reputable websites to get tips on repairs that are appropriate for homeowners.  You can look at International Door Association, reputable garage door companies or LIftMaster as a starting point.  Use a professional where recommended as your safety is more important than saving a few bucks.