Safety is important, especially in the home, but garage door safety is often overlooked. It is crucial that you and your family are aware of the dangers so that you can reduce the risk of injury to yourself, or worse, your children.  At TGS, every member of our garage door company is well-educated on garage door safety and we’re pleased to offer our insight so that you may secure your home and family. Here are some of our top garage door safety tips for homeowners to utilize year-round.

1. Select the Right Garage Door for Your Home

When it comes to residential garage doors, you have many choices available to you at a range of price points. This is one area of your home where you should not skimp on cost. Modern garage doors come with a variety of safety and efficiency features, and it is well worth this extra expense to protect your family. The garage door installers of TGS can walk you through all of the emergency features of your new garage door to ensure that you fully understand how everything works.

2. Educate Your Children about the Dangers of Garage Doors

Make a point of explaining to your children that they should never play with the garage door and opener. Describe to them what could possibly happen if they play with the garage door or stick their hands between the door and frame. While you don’t want to scare them too much, it’s important for them to understand that they must behave responsibly to avoid getting hurt. For added security, keep your garage door opener out of your children’s reach if possible.

3. Schedule Consistent, Professional Maintenance

You should examine your garage door and all of its moving parts monthly for wear and tear. Test your door opener and the safety features as well to ensure that everything is working properly. When your door does need repair, resist the temptation to try to fix it yourself; all garage door repairs and maintenance should be handled by a professional garage door repair company, like TGS, to ensure that everything is done properly, keeping all of the safety features intact.

Your New Jersey Garage Door Repair Experts

Whether there is something going wrong with your garage door or you just need a checkup for your peace of mind, TGS can help. We are the premier garage door installation, maintenance and repair company for residential and commercial garage doors throughout Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean Counties.

Don’t wait until a faulty garage door causes injury or property damage. Contact us today to schedule a maintenance appointment to ensure that your garage door is as safe as possible.