Even though the vicious wrath of Hurricane Sandy hit over two years ago, victims are still looking for relief. By the time the insurance and FEMA give their final approval of what is covered for the home owners, they find themselves still looking for a helping hand from local companies. TGS Garages & Doors find that they still receive calls for garage door service in the Ocean County area. Whether they are looking for a total replacement or minor repairs, TGS find themselves helping dozens and dozens of Sandy Victims.

Garage door maintenance in Ocean County has grown tremendously the past years due to Sandy’s destruction. Whether it be replacing safety sensors from the water damage, greasing the rails and track to prevent rust, or getting battery back up installed on the garage opener so when the power proceeds to go out from storms–home owners have the relief that their car will not be trapped in the garage. TGS offers all types of garage door service for Ocean County residences.

TGS staff meets a lot of Sandy victims in the Ocean County area at local home shows. TGS loves attending the home shows to relate and meet with prospects one on one so they can spread their mission on making sure every garage door is safe and maintained for all families. The company has come to find in the past two years, many are Sandy victims looking for relief for their damaged homes. A lot of Ocean County residences are just beginning the process of lifting their homes and garage door service is needed during this process. Since the storm has struck TGS has been honored to help all victims and continue to lend a helping hand for garage door service.