Door That Stands Up Web Blog ImageHave you ever thought about all the work you expect from your garage door?  With more than 70% of New Jersey residents using their garage door as the main entry to their home you may want to look at your garage door system in a new way.  The extra $75 – $150 a premium door commands is well worth it to avoid the hassle and inconvenience of a garage door that is not working its best or shows the wear and tear of immediate dings and dents.

What is Garaga’s secret?  It is simple…it is in the superior materials and parts!  Their springs, cables & pulley’s can withstand the increased cycles of today’s heavily used garage doors.  Their steel front, steel back sandwiches a polyurethane insulation option to maximize energy efficiency and durability.  

This is all topped off by an exclusive 25 year warranty against rust and corrosion regardless of what proximity you live to the water.

I live on the Jersey shore and have six grandchildren and this is the door I recommend!

“Forked River, NJ  resident”