How does Monmouth NJ Garage Door Company deliver a better garage door opener than the big box stores like Home Depot, Sears and Lowes?  When you buy Chamberlain or Craftsman garage door openers from stores like Home Depot, Sears and Lowes you are not getting the exact same product or quality.  The first thing you will notice is the packaging.  It is all about marketing in those big box stores.  They have to fit everything into that small neat package so they can get their share of the shelf space.  So how do you think they get that 7 foot rail, that your opener rides on, into that 2 foot package?  Yes, you got it they break the integrity of the rail and piece it into smaller parts.When you buy any Liftmaster opener from TGS Garages & Doors, garage door company Monmouth NJ, you always get (1) continuous piece of solid rail.  Why is this so important?  You have less flex and a smoother operation.  The solid piece maintains the integrity and over the past 15 years has been known for little to no failure over the life of the motor.  While there are ways around setting your force limits to accommodate the difference, long term it can have an impact on the lifecycle of your opener and the amount of service you may require.  Aside from the pieced rail many customers state they prefer the Liftmaster color design and the personal service they get with a local garage door company that provides certified technicians that are employees vs. sub contractors.    If you want the best garage door opener, my opinion is to get what the garage door experts use and be sure to purchase a Liftmaster.