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Ok, so like most of us, come the AM you are probably rushing out of your house still thinking…”Do I have everything I need?” while you are simultaneously running through your “do-to” list in your head.

For me, it’s always, “Do I have my cell phone?”, which I have a 99.9% hit rate. : )  I wish I could say the same for closing my garage door!  As I tell my husband, I’m not sure how it happens but  one minute I am pulling out of the driveway and the next thing I know I am at the end  of our street,  saying  to myself, “Did I remember to close the garage door?”

Then I saw the LiftMaster commercial for MyQ technology, the clear solution to this problem! I priced a few garage door openers and splurged for the extra $75 so I could easily monitor and operate my door from my phone. I love it! I am very visual and have very little technical ability. I can see exactly what position my door is in and open or close it with one button on my phone.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention, I am also notified when anyone enters or exits my garage…including my children!

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