Are you happy with your garage door configuration?  Regardless of whether you have one 16 foot garage door or two 8 foot garage doors you may want to consider what we call a garage door “conversion.”  This is where your garage door space is redesigned by taking two regular size doors and making it into one larger door or takes one large door and restructure it so that you have two individual garage doors.

You many be surprised by how many homeowners decide to reconfigure and or resize their garage door space.    Here are the top 5 reasons for resizing or converting your garage door:

  1. Create a new and improved look
  2. Better control on how you use your garage space
  3. Ability to easily park larger vehicles such as an SUV
  4. Minimize energy loss
  5. Hide a messy garage from the neighbors by keeping one door closed : )

Once you make the decision the rest is easy.  TGS Garages & Doors takes care of everything from start to finish.   Our professional design consultants will help you with the selection of your new doors; our in-house architect will tend to the drawings and your dedicated customer care rep will ensure your drawings, permits & installation are complete on time & on budget!  Call TODAY and take advantage of our Free Permit Package ($425 value).  The permit package includes architect drawings, application, processing and permit fees – this makes it a hassle free process and you SAVE $425!