Garage Door Window Placement

Not everyone is made the same and we all have different tastes.  Believe it or not this is true for garage door window design and placement too!   There are new options for window placement, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the natural light while making your home a reflection of your personality.  You can now choose vertical windows verses just the plain old horizontal and you can get as many window rows as you like.  You can get a single vertical garage door window on the left or the right side or get a vertical window on both sides of the garage door.   There are also options to pattern your windows in a more unique design with both vertical and horizontal placement.

Monmouth County NJ Residents are known for beautiful homes with gracious views.   For those homeowners who have a garage door facing their backyard, the trends include making use of full view glass garage doors to enhance the utilization of your backyard.

TGS Garages & Doors is answering the increasing demand from homeowners who desire more choice, design and harmony between their garage & entry  door.