While a rare occurrence, the process of buying a new garage door in New Jersey can come with a flood of details and options that need to be considered before making the investment. Putting in the research and effort before starting your garage door installation can pay big. While our company excels in providing new garage doors to New Jersey residents, we understand that putting in the planning before contacting us can help you to prepare for the endeavor. With more than 20 years in the industry, TGS Garages & Doors is ready to provide the best garage door repair and replacement services in the area, delivering top-notch results to exceed our customer’s high expectations. Today, we’ll discuss a few of the intricacies of purchasing a modern garage door for your home. By the end, we’re confident that you’ll feel like an overhead door expert!

Total Cost

The biggest concern for many homeowners comes in the form of price, and we understand why. Buying a new garage door will not sound so fun if you can’t afford groceries afterward! To begin with, it’s important to discuss the value of a new overhead door installation. In their most recent issue, Remodeling Magazine released the cost and value of a new garage door for your home. The most recent numbers found that the average cost of $3,140 to replace an upscale overhead door was returned with an extra $2,830 value when it came time to sell. This equates to just over a 90 percent return on investment, topping the list for most equitable investments within property improvements. Mid-range overhead doors cost $1,652 on average with a 91.5 percent ROI. Needless to say, purchasing a new garage door for your New Jersey residence can prove to be a smart maneuver.

The overall cost of your replacement will vary greatly based on a number of factors. Our garage door experts can help you find an ideal price point based on the size, material, style, upgrades, and decorations surrounding the install.

Sizing Considerations

Size has much to do with the final price, so it is recommended to measure that garage yourself to help gain more clarity on the costs of this project. Measuring your overhead door requirements can also help in determining what style and material will work best with your home. Here is our quick-measurement guide:

  • The opening: Be sure to measure the width and height of your garage’s opening. This number should represent the same dimensions as your new garage door.
  • Sideroom: The span between the garage door opening and the outside wall is useful for capturing your side room. This number is needed for ensuring that there is enough width for your vertical tracks.
  • Headroom: As you can guess, this measurement is the distance between the top of your opening and the ceiling. This is important to account for the size of the spring system, which will typically require between 10 and 12 inches. Garage doors can be installed that are taller than the opening, but that much extra clearance will need to be accounted for with the headroom.
  • Backroom: The final measurement here spans your ceiling from the garage door side to the back wall of your garage. It’s important to ensure that your ceiling will have enough space to house the garage door when it is in the up position.

These measurements will be very handy for the rest of your project. You can now take these dimensions to a local garage door company to start painting a clear picture of how a replacement overhead door will look when attached to your home.

Once you have your rough dimensions figured out, it will be time to consider the variety of materials that are available, as well as the styles and accessories to truly up your home’s value. We’ll cover this topic in our next blog installment. If you are looking for new garage doors in New Jersey and do not want to wait for our blog series, that’s ok! Our experienced technicians are trained in delivering top-quality results for every project. TGS Garages & Doors is here to be your authority on the subject, from inspections to custom garage doors. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your home thrive!