One rare event that many homeowners are unprepared for comes when it is time to replace their overhead door. Whether through damage or simple age, you will eventually have the need for a new garage door installation. When this day comes, it’s important to find the garage door company that provides the best services in the industry. After 20 years of successful business, TGS Garages & Doors is here to provide the best new garage doors to New Jersey. Whether you’re trying to capture the olden days with a carriage garage door or are looking for a more modern design, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help! Today, we’ll continue off of our last blog, which looked into all of the basic considerations you should take into account before purchasing one of the many modern garage doors available. TGS is here to help every step of the way, and our goal is to deliver service that makes you smile!

Door Materials

The composition of your new garage door will be one of the biggest decisions during this process. Each material holds its own unique advantages in terms of price, appearance, durability, and required upkeep. Balancing all of these factors will help to ensure that you have the perfect product installed in your home, upping the convenience and resale value in one fell swoop. Choosing the wrong material can end up costing you big! The most common styles of garage doors you will find come in the following materials:

  • Steel. One of the most common materials used for overhead doors, steel provides a well-rounded approach to your home. This durable metal is versatile in the styles and appearances it offers, with a reasonable price tag to boot. Steel is also very durable and requires little maintenance for long-term enjoyment. One factor to take into consideration is the insulatory properties of steel, which generally are not beneficial to your home. Including insulation in your door will help to save on noise and energy costs. Another concern comes from the impact resistance of steel. Higher gauges are more affordable yet thinner, reducing their capability to resist baseballs and other items native to your neighborhood. We recommend paying more if you decide on steel to ensure the best return on your investment.
  • Wood. Wooden garage doors hail from the olden days of original overhead door systems. While old in concept, wood continues to be a popular choice for homeowners due to its versatility and beauty. Using lumber for your new garage door will come with a higher price tag and a lot more maintenance. However, when taken care of correctly, your wood door will provide years of durability and beauty. If repairs are needed, this material tends to be much more affordable when compared to other types. Wood is also a better insulator over steel, providing better protection from exterior ambient temperatures.
  • Wood composite. Those looking for the beauty of a wooden garage door with the durability of steel will be happy when they utilize a composite wood for their home. Combining recycled wood fibers with a steel interior provides the best of both worlds, with a stunning finish and low-maintenance requirements to boot.
  • Aluminum. Overhead doors that utilize aluminum panels provide a beautiful, affordable appearance that is highly resistant to rust. One concern comes in the form of dents due to aluminum’s susceptibility to damage. Anyone looking to maximize sunlight while adding a contemporary look can benefit from glass garage doors as well. This modern garage door style can utilize an aluminum frame to produce a bright, beautiful overhead door that is sure to make your place shine.
  • Fiberglass. This modern garage door material represents a small number of overhead doors across our country, yet it is gaining momentum. Fiberglass provides a higher level of protection from dents, especially when the ends are capped in steel. Very light and resistant to rust, fiberglass represents an ideal option for residents who live near saltwater. It’s important to note that fiberglass can break upon impact if enough force is applied. It is also terrible at insulating against temperatures, inspiring many homeowners to buy options that come filled with polyurethane insulation.
  • Vinyl. One material that is making waves in the industry is vinyl, which is designed to offer optimal durability and low maintenance needs. Coastal homes can benefit from this rust-proof material, as well as homes looking for a much-reduced noise output. Many contractors like to speak of vinyl as childproof thanks to its high resistance to dents and scratches. The biggest drawback of this premium material is its premium price. Vinyl tends to be much more costly than other material choices. In extreme cold, this material can also become very brittle, breaking under impact in frigid environments. The styles and variety of choices for vinyl are also limited, reducing your ability to match it to your home.

The material you choose for your overhead door can greatly benefit your wallet, energy bill, and curb appeal. Each choice provides its own set of benefits and drawbacks, typically balancing cost with appearance and durability. Next time, we’ll continue our subject by discussing the different styles and insulation options available to perfectly meet your unique needs. Anyone seeking new garage doors in New Jersey will be pleased when they work with TGS. Our top-notch crew provides honest, professional results to ensure that you receive the absolute best service in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our garage door services!