Buying a new garage door for your home can be both a stressful and exciting experience. While the curb appeal and value of your property will increase, the worry and doubt surrounding the entire process may be too much for many homeowners. TGS Garages & Doors is here to help every step of the way, from garage door repairs to replacements. Our technicians have been providing top-quality services for 20 years, and we’re ready to help you! Finding the best garage doors in New Jersey is what we do to outfit your home with the best product possible. Today, we’ll continue our look into some of the many considerations that go into replacing your overhead door system. From the size to the material of your garage door, every aspect can greatly change the final result. When you’re ready to commit to a modern garage door installation service, be sure to contact TGS!

Style and Design

Beyond the size and material of your overhead door, the style and accents are the biggest factors in your aesthetic decision-making. Based on your choice of material, you will be able to choose from several different styles to best match your home. From raised panels to wrought iron hinges and arches, the choice is yours on how to proceed. Some people prefer a more contemporary door that focuses on clean lines and sharp appearances while others capture the rustic look of days past with a carriage garage door. You’ll want to find stylings that help to accentuate the home, highlighting its natural beauty and matching the neighbors’ overhead doors while still standing out and making an impression on passersby. Before purchasing that new garage door for your New Jersey home, try brainstorming some design elements that you would like to see. Transforming your door from ordinary into stunning will benefit your home’s curb appeal and property value.

Door Style

Many homeowners go into buying a new garage door without knowing what type of opener to choose. The fact that there are three options available can cause confusion. Finding the right garage door opener to match your home is very beneficial for long-term safety and convenience. The three main types of garage door openers consist of:

  • Chain drive. This style is the most commonly-used opener and relies on a chain to push or pull the trolley that moves your overhead door. While very reliable and affordable overall, chain drive openers tend to be noisy. Many people choose chain drives in their detached garages, where noise isn’t as much of an issue.
  • Belt drive. Similar to the chain drive, a belt-driven garage door opener features a smoother, quieter operation. This style is preferable for many homeowners, but the higher cost can be a negative factor.
  • Screw drive. Featuring a threaded steel rod that rotates in order to raise and lower the trolley, screw drive openers offer their own benefits. The biggest positive you will receive comes from the lower number of moving parts, resulting in better reliability. Less maintenance will generally equate to less cost over this garage door motor’s lifetime. The noise from this device will generally be louder than belt drives, and lubrication will be required to ensure long-term functionality.

Based on the weight of your garage door, you will also need to consider the horsepower needed to raise and lower the door efficiently. Unlike your muscle car, the overhead door opener will only need ¼, ½, or one horsepower to get the job done. Homeowners can also choose between alternating and direct current for how the power is delivered, DC being preferred for quieter operations. If you are unsure about how much motor power you need, our garage door repair and maintenance specialists are here to help!

Technological Additions

Newer garage door styles are now incorporating wireless technology to make getting into and out of the home much more convenient. LiftMaster’s MyQ® technology, for example, allows two-way communication between the opening system and your smartphone. You can open your overhead door from anywhere at any time, and can also benefit from the security of phone alerts and alarms. These advances can also work in tandem with other devices throughout the home, creating an integrated household that is safe and convenient.

Now that you have read about a many of the major considerations involved in buying a new garage door in New Jersey, it’s time to get to work! Finding the perfect door will provide you with years of reliable service, enhancing your home’s convenience and value. Putting in some effort now will help you to have a better idea of what to install when reaching out to a garage door company. TGS Garages & Doors is proud to be one of these top companies, delivering top-notch service with the intention of making you smile. If you are considering replacing your old overhead door, be sure to contact us today to see how we can help!