When it comes time to buy a new garage door for your New Jersey property, a lot of choices need to be made. From style to functionality, each one of our modern garage doors provides a unique combination of price, quality, and appearance for your needs. Wooden garage doors, for example, will perform quite differently when compared to glass garage doors. Choosing the right product for your home is a vital process, and we’re here to help every step of the way. TGS Garages & Doors is proud to provide expert garage door installation and repair services to Monmouth County and beyond. We also provide garage door services from Atlantic to Gloucester Counties, and everywhere in between!

One aspect of any new garage door is its R-value rating. Today, we’ll continue last week’s blog on the topic by further discussing the value of your modern garage door’s insulation properties. Whether you’re in need of simple repair services or a custom garage door installation, our team is here to provide service that makes you smile!

Looking At U-Value

While your R-value is measuring the ability to block the transference of heat, the U-factor rating actually measures the flow of heat through insulation. This number is calculated by measuring the amount of heat, in British Thermal Units (BTUs), that is transmitted through one foot of door material in one hour with a one-degree difference on each side. Essentially, your U-value will tell you how much heat moved from one side to the other over an hour in a controlled setting. It’s important to keep these two values straight, as a lower U-value is actually better. If your new garage door has a low number, there’ll be less heat transferring into your garage on a blustery Middletown day.

When Does R-Value Matter?

Any garage that will be occupied for a solid amount of time in the hottest and coldest weather will definitely benefit from insulation. Your planned usage will help to determine which type of new garage door your Monmouth County home will need. Creating a new living space, for example, will require a much higher R-value in order to protect the residents within from harsh temperatures. Residents who are simply looking for a car storage area will probably not need to worry about the full scope of insulation for their garage. As always, the needs vary from person to person. Insulation in modern garage doors provides a few distinct benefits that R-values can affect, including:

  • Sound reduction. Placing a filler into your existing unit or purchasing a new garage door with a high R-value will typically equate to better sound blocking. Outside noises that could disturb your peace will be lessened, along with the noises caused by opening and closing the overhead door itself.
  • Wind protection. Tired of those strong gusts rattling your garage door and keeping you up at night? Many suppliers boast that quality insulation can reduce the rattling and shaking of an overhead door, further improving noise control.
  • Better durability. While not a guarantee to protect against impacts and wear and tear, insulation does provide better support and protection for your garage door. As the biggest entrance to your home, these doors are likely to sustain a lot of abuse over the years.
  • More comfortable temperatures. The last and most obvious benefit of purchasing a new garage door with a high R-value is the comfort and cost-savings that it can provide. When trying to heat your garage in the winter, any air that seeps out can be considered wasted money. Without insulation, your garage will not be able to hold much heat, driving up energy costs and frustrating you in the process.

Keeping your garage protected from the elements can prove very beneficial for numerous reasons. When looking at new garage doors in New Jersey, the R-value of each product can make a major difference in your household. TGS Garages & Doors is proud to provide the best garage door installation and repair services to New Brunswick, Edison, New Hanover, and beyond. Our risk-free services and 24/7-hour availability ensure that your home is never left out in the cold. Quality and customer satisfaction are the anchors for our business model. If you are considering a new garage door in Monmouth or Middlesex County, contact us today to see how our quality services can make you smile!