Your modern garage door is a state-of-the-art feat of convenience and engineering. From the carriage houses of the 19th Century to today’s wooden and glasses garage doors, there are plenty of reasons that our overhead door company is grateful for the current state of the industry. TGS Garages & Doors is proud to pave the way for the future, but we also understand the value of knowing the past. Today, we’ll continue from last week’s blog, which looked at the humble beginnings of the garage door. If you are looking for new garage doors in New Jersey to update your home, look no further! TGS is your source for garage door repairs and installation in Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and beyond. Our collection of quality products, from Garaga overhead doors to C.H.I. garage doors and parts, helps us to provide the best possible outcome for our loyal customers. Here at TGS, we strive to provide top-notch garage door services to make you smile!

Working Wirelessly

Interestingly enough, the drive for a more convenient garage door opening method led to two different inventors creating and developing a wireless device at the same time. While delivering the same product, each garage door opener operated on different technologies. Each utilized a radio frequency that traveled from a transmitter to the receiver, similar to the technology used in World War II to remotely detonate bombs. The first transmitters continually sent out a white noise at a specific frequency. Wireless technology was now an exciting new frontier to push the envelope of modern garage doors.

Crossing Wires

One issue quickly became apparent with the increasing popularity of garage doors: there were only so many frequencies that could be utilized. As such, anyone with a matching frequency in close proximity to one another would push their remotes, opening all doors involved. Any device using this frequency in the area could trip your garage door, leaving all of your contents open to the world while you were away. An immediate fix for this was to use a fixed code pulse, which was set to the specific door remote and receiver. Even if your neighbor used the same frequency, a specific order of pulses would be needed to get into the garage.

Switch Security

In order to further protect homeowners from accidental signal crossing, a dip-switch system was introduced. Essentially, a garage door opener would come with eight or twelve switches, in which users could flip to one side or another to create their own unique combination. An eight digit switch provided 256 unique combinations while a 12 switch remote offered 4,096 different codes. This technology came into use in the 1970s, at which time criminal minds began to flourish from untested products. Thieves began to modify transmitters that were available at the store in order to either guess many combinations in a short time or, for the more handy criminal, create a device that could intercept and record the unique code. Once this was accomplished, gaining access into a home was as easy as pushing a button.

Rolling Codes

To combat this new problem, developers worked to create a garage door opener system that uses a rolling code system. Essentially, a unique code is sent from the transmitter to the receiver, where access is granted and a new code is saved for the next use. A list of saved codes can be stored to allow several unique configurations to be used. This more advanced technology is also used in keyless car entry systems as well. Producers boast that the rolling code technology is impossible to break, providing a comprehensive security system for modern garage doors. While cryptographically secure devices are your best bet to protect against intrusion, an eventual breakthrough in hacking technology will require the need for even better security measures.

From the first carriage garage doors that were designed to house primitive automobiles to today’s complex coding technology, overhead doors have come a long way. Next time, we’ll deviate from the security measures of garage door openers in order to take a deeper look into previous safety concerns and the direction of the future. TGS Garages & Doors is here to supply and install the best new garage doors in New Jersey. We also specialize in top-notch garage door repairs for Monmouth County and beyond. If you’re interested in any of our modern or custom garage doors, feel free to contact us today to receive a quote for your home!