As a homeowner, the day will eventually come when you will need to replace your overhead door. While professional garage door repairs are helpful for keeping systems operating longer and better, sooner or later replacement will be the only option. When this happens, you as the landlord have numerous materials and styles to choose from. TGS Garages & Doors is here to provide new garage doors to much of New Jersey, ranging from Atlantic to Middlesex County. Our garage door installation experts are ready to offer top-notch advice and viable solutions for all of your home’s needs. TGS provides numerous styles of modern garage doors, each with their own advantages. Today, we’ll look at wooden garage doors and why your home can benefit from such a classy choice. Homeowners nationwide are using this customizable material more and more, and TGS is here to assist!

Exact Sizing

One interesting aspect of this industry is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for homes. Unlike dishwashers, your overhead door system can vary in its size, standard or not. Wood garage doors can be sized to fit your home regardless of the dimensions. Your Monmouth County garage door installation experts will cut and add exactly what is needed to ensure a complete fit. This can also be handy for homes that are not perfectly level, where extra attention is needed to create a seamless appearance. If your garage does not conform to standard sizes, wood may be one of the only options available.

Curb Appeal

Wood garage doors tend to cost more than other types, and the benefits come out in the appearance. Utilizing wood for your new garage door will create a rich, luxurious look that is sure to impress neighbors as well as guests. The stunning appearance of a classy wooden door will prove very valuable for your curb appeal, ultimately taking the exterior appearance of your home to a higher level. Homeowners looking to sell their home will see an immediate boost in home value, giving them preferable benefits in the form of a higher selling price. Your home may be updated and beautiful while the outdated overhead door creates a less-preferable appearance. Investing in wood garage doors should be considered as an investment in your overall property value.

Style Varieties

Many homeowners are looking for the perfect answer for their new garage door installation. Every individual is unique, and many of those individuals seek out products to match their uncommon tastes. Commissioning a wood garage door can prove to be the perfect answer when you are struggling to find an overhead door to match the home. There are dozens of different types of wood that are currently in use today for garage door applications. From oak to walnut and cedar, the choices of which wood you would like to use are plenty. Additionally, you can customize the finish of your new garage door, ranging from matte and satin to high gloss and more. Wood types vary greatly in appearance and price, giving customers a wide range of options to budget for. No matter what style you are looking for, chances are that our custom garage door specialists can help!

Custom Designs

The customizability of our wooden garage doors gives you as the homeowner nearly endless options when it comes to the designs adorning the biggest entrance to your home. Looking to have windows in your new garage door? Prefer short panels over the longer variety? Are you wanting carriage garage doors? TGS can help with all of these! Wood is the perfect material for seamlessly adding beauty and value to your home. No matter what design you have in mind, our experts can help to turn those ideas into reality!

Wood garage doors offer timeless beauty and rigid durability. While the cost and maintenance needs are higher for this product when compared to other materials, many homeowners claim that the cost is well worth the overall value. If you are in need of a new garage door in New Jersey, our qualified company can help! TGS Garages & Doors is proud to provide the best garage door services to Monmouth County and beyond. By focusing on quality in our services and an attention to customer satisfaction, our team is able to provide lasting solutions that serve to make our customers smile. Contact us today to learn more about our services our to schedule your appointment!