As the summer season quickly approaches, many homeowners are gearing up to make improvements to their homes with the goal of raising their property value while also improving their experience. Many citizens will head outdoors to find the best ways to beautify their home, and for some, the checklist may include a garage door installation. If you are looking at new garage doors in New Jersey, you’re in luck! TGS Garages & Doors is here to provide the best garage door repairs and services to Monmouth County, Middlesex County, and beyond. Our certified technicians are here to help you with every aspect of your overhead door system, from annual inspections to spring repairs and more. When it comes to installing a modern garage door, you as the homeowner will have numerous options to choose from in terms of style and material. Today, we’ll take a deeper look into fiberglass garage doors and their inherent benefits.

Lighter Builds

When fiberglass is introduced in conjunction with steel, the lighter weight will provide some positive aspects for your garage door. The equipment used to lower and raise any modern garage door will experience a lot of wear and tear over time. Utilizing a lighter build can help in reducing the stress put on your overhead door’s vital equipment during operation. Over time, this lighter garage door will put less work on its opening system, typically equating in a longer lifespan and less need for repairs. Additionally, the lighter weight can be nice if you ever need to manually open your door. Power outages, for example, may have you out in the rain lifting your garage door. Those extra pounds will not be missed in this scenario!

Insulation Advantages

New Jersey is known for hosting a nice range of temperatures, creating a strong need for an overhead door system that provides the right amount of insulation. While their predecessors were lacking in this department, modern fiberglass garage doors incorporate an extra layer of protection to create more comfortable temperatures and energy-saving effects for your home. Updated designs are now utilizing polyurethane base sections to help with insulation as well. When compared to metal or wooden garage doors, fiberglass creates an attractive choice for temperature management.

Increased Durability

One major selling point for fiberglass doors is that they are built to last. Areas that reside close to the ocean have to contend with corrosive elements that can wreak havoc on steel garage doors. Fiberglass, though, is better able to defend itself from elemental attacks. Extreme changes in temperature and moisture influxes can create issues for your wood garage door, which is prone to expanding and contracting. Warping can also occur, supplying homeowners with headaches in the process. Fiberglass is able to avoid rot, rust, and warping. While more costly than steel options, the effective savings from this modern garage door material and its few needs for repairs can equate to a sound investment for any crafty homeowner.

Style Versatility

One reason many people reject a certain garage door is because it is not customizable enough to effectively match the residence. Our collection of fiberglass garage doors comes in several styles and can be custom-crafted to meet many of your unique needs. Looking for a contemporary wood finish? No problem! Our selection of garage door finishes includes Oak to Mahogany designs and more to create a graceful appearance that is sure to add to the beauty of your home. What’s better is that your fiberglass overhead door will require virtually no maintenance over its lifetime. Worry less about staining and finishing your door with TGS!

While older fiberglass varieties were often brittle and even fragile, today’s options offer improved protection. The amount of care and maintenance needed for fiberglass doors is very minimal compared to any other materials out there.

When it comes time to look for a new garage door for your New Jersey home, there will be plenty of choices at your disposal. TGS Garages & Doors can be your guide during this intense process, providing adequate advice and ideal solutions to enhance your property. From Atlantic County to Union County, our garage door repairs and services are designed to exceed all of our customers’ high expectations. We also offer custom garage doors as well for those with unique requirements.
With 24/7 availability and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, all of TGS’ services are here to make you smile. Contact us today to see how our pros can help!