1. Garage Door Company Monmouth NJ Feed The Hungry

    How many companies have you hired that feed the hungry? TGS Garages & Doors will make a donation to a local food bank each time our customers rate the business on “Top Rated”. Be it a garage door repair, garage door installation, garage door service TGS garage door company Monmouth NJ feed the hungry. We help more than just our garage door customer’s, we feed the hungry and so can you. E…Read More

  2. Learn About Garage Door Springs

    Garage door repair in New Jersey tends to see a lot of garage door malfunctions based around spring issues. Garage door torsion and extension springs are the most dangerous aspectsof your garage door. They can cause very serious bodily harm if handled incorrectly. Most garage door professionals will strongly suggest that homeowners hire a professional if they are facing spring-related garage door …Read More

  3. Cost Effective Home Renovations

    Homeowners are always looking for cost effective means of upgrading their homes. The more upgrades, the more the home value increases. Different home improvement projects have different cost vs. value statistics. Those who are looking for a way to increase the value of their home without breaking the bank, try a new garage door installation in New Jersey. A new garage door is one of the easiest an…Read More

  4. How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door

    The garage door is the largest moving aspect of any home. It is only right that you service and take care of it on a regular basis. A broken down garage door can lead to more headaches than most people would like to deal with. It is easier to service a garage door than to repair it. Regular garage door service in New Jersey can lead to a garage door that runs smoothly for years. Professional garag…Read More

  5. Back Up in No Time

    There are a few things in this world that we take for granted until the moment that they break. Your garage door is one of these things. Whether it is a commercial or a residential garage door it is relied on heavily. Not being able to open or close a garage door puts people in an incredibly foul mood. Commercial garage doors are used throughout the day to keep a business running smoothly.When a g…Read More

  6. How The Cold Can Affect Your Garage

    Cold weather can wreak havoc on your garage. Typically, Americans use their garage as a location to store their cars and outdoor tools. It is a safe haven that protects from Mother Nature and thieves. Many people seek out garage door service in New Jersey during the winter after they forgot, or neglected, to winterize their garage. Remember, your garage door is the largest moving piece of your hom…Read More

  7. 24 Hour Garage Door Service

    Anyone who has ever had their garage door break down knows that it usually happens at the most inopportune times. The same goes for commercial garage doors because any breakdown can cost the company both time and lost revenue. When your garage door breaks down at the absolute worst time you need to call TGS Garages & Doors. We offer unparalleled 24/7 emergency garage door service in New Jersey…Read More