1. How to Secure Your Garage Door from Burglary

    Most homeowners are aware of the importance of securing doors and windows around the house to prevent unauthorized entry and burglary. However, in many home burglary cases, an unsecured garage door serves as the intruder's main access point.  While keeping your garage door closed when not in use may be second nature, it is important for homeowners to understand that the locking mechanisms on gara…Read More

  2. Converting Your Garage to an Office Space: What You Need to Know

    Garages now serve multiple functions. No longer just a place for parking the car or storing your holiday decorations, garages are more and more frequently being transformed into an office. If you need more room and you don't necessarily have any other purpose for your garage, you may consider converting your garage to an office space. If you think this may be the next best move for your home, we …Read More

  3. Commercial Overhead Door Inspection Checklist for NJ Businesses

    If your commercial building has an overhead door, it’s important to regularly check it for performance. After all, industrial roll up door maintenance is critical for consistent operation, and keeping your door in good shape means you won't incur any issues that could impact your business. Even if your doors are operating perfectly today, tomorrow may be a different story. If you aren’t sure …Read More

  4. Is It Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

    Is your garage door opener no longer working as it should? Knowing when to replace your garage door opener is something you can hopefully determine before it completely stops working. Fortunately, garage door openers can show symptoms that their lifespan is coming to a close. The average lifespan of a system can vary depending on the type and if it has suffered any damage, meaning it is importan…Read More

  5. Garage Door Openers for Heavy Duty Application

    As an owner or manager of a warehouse, distribution center, or factory, you already understand the importance of protecting your goods. At TGS Garages and Doors, we work with businesses throughout New Jersey to help ensure the success of their operations and the security of their staff and goods through reliable commercial garage door openers that can withstand heavy duty applications. With a rob…Read More

  6. Commercial Grade Garage Doors for New Jersey Businesses

    Throughout New Jersey, businesses like yours rely on high-quality and heavy-duty commercial grade garage doors. Whether you're managing a hospital or running a retail outlet, providing your company with adequate security and efficiency is critical. TGS Garages and Doors is happy to explore the garage doors we supply to commercial entities throughout the region, taking a closer look at the type and…Read More

  7. Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Door for Your Money

    While installing a high-quality garage door may be expensive, the long-term cost benefits are significant. From the style that enhances your home's exterior to insulation that'll reduce your heating bills, you could save or even make money in the long term. By understanding what you want from the beginning, you'll find a cost-effective solution. At TGS Garage and Doors, our qualified garage door i…Read More