Home improvement projects can be expensive and, despite the improving real estate market, many homeowners are wary of spending money on renovations. So how can you improve the appearance of your home without going broke? Two quick and inexpensive projects that can nearly pay for themselves while giving your house a facelift are a new garage door or main entry door. In terms of a return on investment when your home is sold, installing new garage doors has been the top-ranking project that recoups the most when a home is sold. So by replacing your garage door, you are making a low cost improvement not only to your home’s curb appeal but also to the resell value of your home. As a garage door alone can account for up to thirty-percent of your home’s exterior, having an attractive garage door is especially vital to great curb appeal. Remember that a garage door should match the home’s architectural style, so if you aren’t sure which garage door best suits your home, call us today to learn more about styles, options and the best residential garage door prices in New Jersey!