Nobody wants to deal with a  broken garage door. It can be a major safety issue at worst, and a major annoyance at best. That is why we like to preach the importance of scheduling routine garage door maintenance in New Jersey. Routine maintenance is the key to preventing costly repairs and dangerous situations. If you notice any issues with your garage door, give us a call as soon as possible. Here is a short list of some of the warning signs that  your garage door needs expert attention:

  • Any grinding or other unfamiliar noise.  This indicates that something is not properly moving how it is supposed to. We can make sure the door is reseated properly and that all parts are properly in place and lubricated. 
  • A refusal to raise or lower. If you can’t get your door to open or close we can help get it back into working order. A door that is stuck open leaves your home vulnerable to outsiders, and a door that is stuck shut impedes your ability to conveniently enter and exit your home.
  • Partial raising and reversing. If your door opens partway and starts bouncing or reversing, this can be very dangerous. Call us as soon as possible so we can rectify the situation.

Our expert technicians keep their trucks fully stocked with everything needed to resolve all kinds of problems. We can complete most repairs same day. If you want to avoid any of the above situations, give us a call before you notice the warning signs to schedule your preventive maintenance today. Our techs will complete an 18 point safety inspection and do the routine service necessary to keep your door working well. Call us today to learn more!