Have you ever found yourself sitting around thinking about the history of garage doors? Maybe it is just us. But as the leading Garage Door Company in New Jersey these things are important to us! Garage doors have become so commonplace in our modern world that it can be hard to imagine a time when they did not exist. Nearly every house you see has at least a single door. Many apartment complexes also have garages too. And they have taken over the commercial world. Warehouses, repair shops, retail stores….nearly every business is reliant on a garage door of some type.

The rise of the garage, and the garage door, can be linked to the rise of the automobile. As the car culture boomed after WWII, garages became much more common. In the 1950’s you saw the proliferation of the attached garage as the middle class grew. Architects were thinking of garages as they were designing houses, and it showed in nearly every neighborhood across the country. As more and more people owned cars, more and more people were demanding garages with their houses! Most of the innovations in the last 50 years have revolved around insulation, security, safety and better materials.

Whether you need help with routine maintenance, emergency repair, or new door installation, we are ready to help! Our garage door experts use the best quality tools and materials to get the job done right the first time. We stand behind our work with a Risk-Free Guarantee. Call us today and see why we are the best Garage Door Company in New Jersey!