Next time you go on vacation or leave your home unattended be sure to use your “vacation lock out” feature!   Garage door openers have a remote lock out feature known as “vacation lock out mode”. This feature turns off the radio receiver for those times your home must be left without supervision.

Most homes have not upgraded their garage door openers to include the latest security features!  Many remotes still consist of non-complex operators and receivers which could possibly share a frequency with your neighbor.  Doesn’t sound so horrible until you get the call that your garage door is wide open and you’re in St. Thomas, real bummer!  Even worse, a thief could easily program a fake remote to your frequency to open your garage and enter your home.

Vacation mode is a setting on your operator that may be depicted with a lock symbol or the words lock out or vacation mode on your LED.  This button or setting is designed so that you can disable the unit as well as some functions of the system during the time that you will be away from your home. Once activated, the only way to control your garage door is through the control panel which means that burglars cannot use fake remote controls to get in. Contact us for more information.