Is your garage door opener no longer working as it should? Knowing when to replace your garage door opener is something you can hopefully determine before it completely stops working. Fortunately, garage door openers can show symptoms that their lifespan is coming to a close. The average lifespan of a system can vary depending on the type and if it has suffered any damage, meaning it is important to be aware of the indicators that can signal it’s time for a new garage door opener. If it does seem like your garage door opener may be on its way out, contact TGS Garages and Doors, a preferred garage door company in New Jersey. We’ll help troubleshoot your garage door and opener and provide the next best steps, whether that may be a repair or replacement.

Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs to Be Replaced

Garage door openers fail, especially if they have been in use for a long time. Some of these signs are certainly things you may encounter and notice. Consistently monitoring the health of your device is a good idea. As you begin to notice your garage door opener functioning less than efficiently, look for these signs that indicate a replacement may be necessary:

  • The garage door won’t open or close: a fairly obvious sign, however, it may only be dead batteries, the door becoming disconnected from the opener, or total failure of the system.
  • The garage doors only work intermittently: if your garage door seems to only work when it wants to, you may have a wiring problem. It’s best not to attempt to discern this on your own. Call a garage door company like TGS for help.
  • The garage door opens then reverses: this may be an opener issue. Something could be in the door path or it could be a safety eye misalignment. It’s best to get in touch with garage door professionals in this case rather than trying to diagnose it on your own.
  • The garage door opener is making strange noises: if these are new sounds you’ve never heard, this is a warning that your opener may need to be replaced.

Garage Door Opener Repair vs. Replacement

Garage Door Opener Repair

Once you have completed your garage door troubleshooting and determined the potential cause, you may or may not have an option to repair or replace the opener. Any TGS representative will be able to deliver recommendations for repairing or replacing. If the entire system has stopped working then you’ll have to replace it. If it can be repaired, consider things like the age and cost. If you decide to replace it, add upgrades like a safety sensor or laser parking device.

Trust TGS, New Jersey’s Leading Garage Door Experts

If the signs are pointing toward the need to replace your garage door opener, contact the licensed experts at TGS. We are glad to offer our clients an inspection to determine what the root cause is and how to resolve it. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation.

TGS has been providing garage door solutions for New Jersey households for years. We deliver best-in-class-products and even offer a risk-free guarantee. Contact us today to discuss your needs!