1. Convert 2 Garage Doors into 1 – Save $425 (see coupon)

    There’s no doubt that converting two garage doors into one can certainly be an investment, but for many families, it is an investment well worth it. When considering the option of replacing two garage doors with one, it is important to know the advantages so that you can make the most appropriate decision for your lifestyle and budget. The Benefits of a Double Garage Door vs. Two Single Garage D…Read More

  2. Find the Right Garage Door Opener for Your Home

    There's no denying that installing a new garage door can be a costly investment. Keeping it operating as efficiently and effectively as possible depends on the type of garage door opener that it is coupled with. From chain to belt to direct drive openers, the process of choosing just the right opener can be confusing. Here's a closer look at some of the most common garage door opener options. The …Read More

  3. Garage Door Openers – Replace or Repair?

    Not sure if your garage door opener needs to be replaced or repaired? Consider the safety sensor. If you currently don’t have a safety sensor, we highly recommend replacing the garage-door opener. Your family, car and valuables are at risk, as the sensors protect what may be underneath the door.  How To Select a New Garage Door Opener Learn the difference between the various garage door openers…Read More

  4. TGS Garages & Doors 4th of July Blowout Sale!

      Happy Independence Day Monmouth & Ocean County and to all of our NJ friends!  The Fourth of July is a glorious time to celebrate what truly makes America great and how blessed we are to live in a free and independent country.  In honor of celebrations across the U.S. this weekend we have a SUPER 4th of July Blowout Sale just for you! Call Now & SAVE $500 TODAY on an Exclusive Garage D…Read More

  5. Enhance the beauty, value & security of your home with a new door!

    TGS Garages & Doors enhances the beauty, value and security of our customer’s homes with quality garage and entry door systems. Exceptional talent, technology and the industry’s best service are the heart of our company vision, Service That Makes You Smile! Contact TGS Today for a FREE Estimate and take advantage of the great offers below!  732-608-2519 What To Expect: Our garage door pro…Read More

  6. Garage Door Repair Ocean County Is Very Busy

    Isn’t it always the way when you are running late and your garage door won’t close. Was there a power failure, did the battery go dead in the remote, maybe the programing got knocked out or maybe the motor we come to rely on is just old and has seen better days. That is what has Garage door repair Ocean County NJ very busy. We all have busy lives trying to work, take care of the kids and hopef…Read More

  7. Certified Technician Garage Door Company Monmouth County

    Ever wonder if the contractors working on your home are certified? TGS Garages & Doors proudly announces that their Garage Door Company Monmouth County does in fact have certified technicians with IDEA (International Door Education Association). Certified Technician Garage Door Company Monmouth County has individuals that have had training & passed exams.  With a very high degree of knowl…Read More

  8. Garage Door Service Monmouth NJ Free

    Garage Door Service Monmouth NJ Free Everything cost money these days and we are all trying to save. We can help you save on your garage door service Monmouth NJ free. Schedule an appointment for garage door service Monmouth NJ and get your service fee for free. We come out and complete a 31 point inspection no matter what for free when you have repairs made. What better way to have repairs and sa…Read More

  9. How Often Should You Service Your Garage Door

    The garage door is the largest moving aspect of any home. It is only right that you service and take care of it on a regular basis. A broken down garage door can lead to more headaches than most people would like to deal with. It is easier to service a garage door than to repair it. Regular garage door service in New Jersey can lead to a garage door that runs smoothly for years. Professional garag…Read More

  10. How The Cold Can Affect Your Garage

    Cold weather can wreak havoc on your garage. Typically, Americans use their garage as a location to store their cars and outdoor tools. It is a safe haven that protects from Mother Nature and thieves. Many people seek out garage door service in New Jersey during the winter after they forgot, or neglected, to winterize their garage. Remember, your garage door is the largest moving piece of your hom…Read More

  11. 24 Hour Garage Door Service

    Anyone who has ever had their garage door break down knows that it usually happens at the most inopportune times. The same goes for commercial garage doors because any breakdown can cost the company both time and lost revenue. When your garage door breaks down at the absolute worst time you need to call TGS Garages & Doors. We offer unparalleled 24/7 emergency garage door service in New Jersey…Read More

  12. Same Day Garage Door Service in New Jersey at No Additional Charge

    Sometimes when your garage door breaks down, you don't have time to wait days or weeks for someone to come get it fixed. Often, a stuck garage door means that you can't get your vehicle out of the garage, or you are leaving your home or business vulnerable to theft. That's why we offer same day garage door service in New Jersey. We make it even better by not charging a premium for same-day service…Read More

  13. Affordable Garage Door Service In Ocean County New Jersey

    TGS Garages & Doors are known for their great service, reliability, and their prices on garage door service in Ocean County NJ. TGS offers great deals for customers in Ocean County NJ to take advantage of. There are several ways to find these great deals which are easy to get and apply towards your next garage door service. TGS offers coupons and rebates on garage door service posted on their …Read More

  14. We Offer a Gold Star Garage Door Maintenance Service in New Jersey for Commercial Doors

    As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of properly maintaining the equipment in your company. One of the items that requires maintenance regularly and is often overlooked by business owners is their commercial doors. Your doors require maintenance too! By properly maintaining your commercial garage doors, you can cut down and even nearly eliminate the costs that are associated wit…Read More

  15. Sandy Victims Still Looking For Garage Door Service In Ocean County NJ

    Even though the vicious wrath of Hurricane Sandy hit over two years ago, victims are still looking for relief. By the time the insurance and FEMA give their final approval of what is covered for the home owners, they find themselves still looking for a helping hand from local companies. TGS Garages & Doors find that they still receive calls for garage door service in the Ocean County area. Whe…Read More